Starting your own business can be extremely daunting. It takes hard work and a lot of perseverance, as any successful entrepreneur will tell you! Whether you’re in the business of bookbinding or bespoke T-shirt printing, here’s how a StoreLocal Self Storage Tweed Heads facility can be of use to your small business.

Space to grow

Once your small business starts to grow, you might find that you’re running out of space to keep all your stock – especially if you’re working from home, or in your garage. But leasing commercial space might not be financially viable for a small business. A Self Storage unit solves this problem: it’s affordable, flexible and you can pick the size you need. As your business grows, your Self Storage space can also adapt.

Self Storage is also great to store files and important documentation – think of it as your personal business archive.

Room to work

Perhaps you don’t even have the luxury of an extra room or garage at home in which to do your work. In this case, a Self Storage unit could become your store or workroom. Talk to us to find out what is possible, and find out how you can customise a Self Storage unit to best suit your work needs.

Lock up & go

StoreLocal Self Storage Tweed Heads offers a wide variety of security features, such as perimeter fencing, security cameras, locking mechanisms, access control passwords and security guards. This means that storing your precious stock in a StoreLocal Self Storage Tweed Heads unit gives you peace of mind. And if you’ve made your storage unit your workspace, then you can feel secure in the knowledge that your gear is probably safer than it would be in the usual commercial spaces.


Self Storage units can also be used to showcase your goods to potential clients – think of it as a type of permanent pop-up store! Depending on what you manufacture, you can have rails for clothing, shelving for handmade ceramic pieces, or any kind of display setup that you can fit into your space. It’s cost-effective and easy.

These are some of the benefits of using a Self Storage unit to support your small business. Obviously, as your business grows, your needs change – but luckily, Self Storage facilities offer a range of flexible options to make your growth easier. You can save money, gain greater flexibility and have peace of mind that your stock is safe.

For expert advice on how your small business can benefit from using Self Storage, talk to our friendly StoreLocal Self Storage Tweed Heads team!