See how a StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket storage unit can increase profits for local retailers in the Wilston, Newmarket and Ashgrove area.

Every square metre of retail space is valuable, from the corner store with rents from $500 per square metre, up to major shopping centres where rents can be from $2000-$5000 per square metre; optimising that space is essential to increase profits for local retailers.

How can StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket help? Self Storage facilities have a range of spaces, commonly retailers use spaces from 3 x 3 up to 6 x 9 to store excess stock and promotional materials. Let’s have a look at the real value of a StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket space like a 3 x 3.

Commonly, large distributors offer special deals for bulk purchases of products like soft drinks, water, white goods, furniture and much more. A recent deal that was revealed was by to buy 100 cases of a particular brand soft drink and receive 50 free.

All well and good if you have the space in your small coffee shop to store the extra 50 cartons of drink. Using a StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket space would allow you to accept that deal and “dollar cost average” across 150 cartons instead of 100. The storage fees per bottle would be less than one cent per month. Not worth calculating!

Self Storage is ideal for taking advantage of special supplier deals like this. Larger retailers, especially white goods sellers are often exposed to special deals on white goods, where flat screen TVs and other bonus products are added to the sale. These bonus products take up additional space and that’s where a StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket storage space can add to your extra profit.

Ask us how we can assist you by storing your excess stock in our StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket facility. With easy access, it’s convenient to grab the stock you need daily and restock your store.

Whilst large shopping centres often provide a small storage space in the shopping centre it is well-known that these spaces are often very small and are inconveniently located within the Centre.

StoreLocal Newmarket Wilston and Newmarket’s storage facilities are conveniently located, allow for easy access, is secure and clean. Call us today, and we’ll help you make the most from your Self Storage.