5 Most Important things to Consider when selling a home

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Selling a home and moving can be one of the most stressful times in life. You can make it easier on yourself by knowing the easiest ways to sell your home fast. We have the five most important things to consider when selling a home.


Hire A Good Realtor

It seems like a no-brainer, but many people forget that a realtor is the one actually selling the home. If they aren’t good, they won’t push your home enough and the process will drag out. A good real estate agent knows the competition in the area, knows what will sell your home and knows how to negotiate the best deals with clients. It’s best to interview different realtors to see if they know their stuff. You’re putting the fate of your home in their hands so you should not settle for less than the best.


Make It Show Ready

Clutter turns away buyers. You want the house to look like one straight out of a magazine. Even homes with many upgrades get overlooked when there is mess and too much decoration overshadowing the nice things about the home. Odors turn away people as well so make sure the air smells great. Staging means everything in a home so make sure the clutter of toys on the floor, family photo collages on the mantle and even the overcrowded pantry looks nice and neat. It may seem a little bare, but for a potential buyer, it could mean they better envision themselves living in the home. After all is picked up and decluttered, do a deep cleaning to really make sure everything is show ready for potential buyers.


Make Yourself Available For Showings

You don’t need to be home for every showing, but you do need to be available. Make sure when a potential home buyer wants to see the house, you are ready to get out and have it ready right then. Always be on your toes because you never know when the right buyer will come along. Of course, it’s hard to keep the house show ready if you have kids, pets and an active life, but it’s also important to stay on top of readiness to sell the home. It’s only a temporary inconvenience for you and your family that will lead to happiness in your new home sooner rather than later.


Store Things Away

It can be hard to find a place for all of your personal belongings. One way to alleviate this feeling is to take things to a place like Jindalee Storage. Jindalee Storage gives you a large area to place things for a small amount of time. One of the best things about a storage facility is you can even start packing early and stash away boxes. Jindalee Storage is an easy and convenient way for buyers to feel more at home as they look at the house and for you not to feel like you’re cleaning like crazy to get rid of clutter.


Price The Home Correctly

Know your comps and know the best way to price the home to get it moving on the market. An overpriced home could sit there for months without any bites. Many times an owner may feel the house is worth much more than it really is due to market costs. It might have many upgrades, but it just might be the wrong time to sell the house at a high price. You may have done crazy upgrades that other buyers just don’t like for their own home so they won’t pay the higher price. Stay updated on pricing in your neighborhood so you better know the competition. Going too far above or even too far below will confuse and drive away new home buyers.