StoreLocal’s Northcote Self Storage facility caters for personal storage and business storage needs in Northcote and surrounding areas, and we have sizes from small lockers, to large units that are perfect for businesses to use as a place to keep excess stock, marketing materials and even for display purposes.

With modern technology it is possible to run your business with only a computer/smart phone, a desk, from a vehicle, even when on holiday. Meetings and conferences are held without leaving your chair. Merchandise are photographed and can be viewed on one of the many facilities for that purpose. But some businesses call for a showroom where the product can be seen, touched and felt.

StoreLocal’s Northcote Self Storage units are most suitable for that purpose. Clients can book the amount of space that is needed and can, with the help of the staff, easily move to bigger units when necessary. Consult the Northcote Self Storage team, and find out where we can help, from arranging insurance, to setting you up with a removalist.

Your prospective clients can view by appointment, and StoreLocal Northcote is open 7-days a week, from 7am to 7pm. Making it convenient, even if you have a day job.

The units are secured with CCTV cameras, an electrified perimeter fence and flood lights at night. Access at the gate is controlled. The client selects and hold the keys to the unit. The space is clean, dry and vermin free. The client rents a shell that can be decorated and displayed to suit your needs. If you wish to make any changes, then we recommend that you discuss your intentions with the StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage staff.

Self Storage payments can be conducted online, and the low cost of Self Storage makes it an attractive deal. Having your showroom in a Self Storage unit will not only save you paying exorbitant rent, you also benefit from our stringent security.

Visit the StoreLocal website or speak to Northcote Self Storage specialists at StoreLocal Northcote for more information. Self Storage changes the way you do business, and StoreLocal Northcote leads the way.