Self Storage for Small Business

For most small businesses, growth is limited due to the costs involved in expansion. Either you need more office space, a place to keep files and folders or you are limited in the amount of stock you can store at any time. StoreLocal Newmarket offers Self Storage Ashgrove, Self Storage Wilston and solutions, making it an affordable and convenient choice, allowing for increased growth and increased sales, leaving the potential endless.

It’s a necessity for almost any business to access and store their stock. If you don’t have any stock to sell, you won’t get any sales, and your business could suffer.  It’s a straightforward chain of events. The struggle many businesses face is trying to find that perfect balance between stock and sales.



Many businesses get it wrong and end up with excess stock that they don’t need, others don’t buy enough and find themselves making sales promises they cannot keep. In business, the balance of stock and sales is crucial, and there’s one thing that makes said balance far more manageable: Self Storage.

There are a number of different industries and small businesses located in the North Brisbane and Ashgrove area who would get a lot of value out of securing one of our self storage unit’s.

Accountants are regularly using self storage facilities to store their clients important paperwork as they have peace of mind that the facility has state of the art security systems and will keep their documents safe from the elements.



Accountants are regularly using self storage unit’s to store their documents, as they often need to keep these on file for up to seven years, however, they also find that their jobs can be very seasonal and may only see a client once a year when they come in to do their tax returns, in this instance, accountants will use a self storage facility to store their clients file until there next annual appointment.

Another group who can take advantage of self storage are tradies and builders in general. Because our self storage facility can be accessed 24 hours, it is a fantastic solution for someone who may need to access their equipment outside of business hours.

Of course, you can store all your tools and equipment in your ute or on the building site, it can be difficult to ensure your tools will not be damaged by the elements or stolen by someone walking past the site, in this instance, keeping the more expensive tools or equipment that aren’t used everyday in Self Storage will give you peace of mind and also free up some space at home or on the site.



Self Storage in Ashgrove is also really popular for E-commerce business owners as they are able to store all of their stock in their self storage unit until the items are sold and ready to ship. Because Self Storage unit’s can start from as little as a few dollars a day and don’t have lengthy lease terms that are hard to break from, it’s a fantastic way to run your e-commerce business from home without having to fill up your living room with all of your stock.



If you are making just one or two sales per day, you will hardly notice the cost of your storage unit compared to the amount of space you are saving. Another reason e-commerce store owners love Self Storage in Ashgrove is the ability for them to properly organise their stock and streamline their shipping process, through proper organisation of your self storage unit, you are able to maximise space to fit more business stock.

StoreLocal Newmarket offers Self Storage Ashgrove and Self Storage in Wilston, making us the ideal solution to this need. The StoreLocal Newmarket facility can be a place to stockpile unsold stock – this avoids wastage and unnecessary costs for your business. It can be a place to build inventory – if you find your sales are rising exponentially and need a place to keep the extra stock you now need. Or it can even be used as a kind of pick-up/drop-off point for Staff and Couriers – as though it were a small warehouse for your stock. The possibilities for stock storage in storage units truly is extensive and only stops at the limits of your imagination.



The size range of our storage units is extremely diverse, meaning that you can store just a few extra stock pieces in a locker-sized unit – or you can store your vehicle fleet inside a unit or in our secured outside area. They are always reasonably priced, and the security that these units provide is far more extensive than anywhere else. Not many stock-warehouses for rent can promise you 24-hour alarmed security. But at StoreLocal Newmarket in the Newmarket, Wilston and Ashgrove area, we can.

If you’re worried at all about the confidentiality of your stock and whether others will be looking through your stuff while you aren’t there – don’t worry, your stock will remain in the same place from when you lock the door to when you next need it.

It can therefore be said, that StoreLocal Newmarket is great for all purposes in relation to storage of your stock. It is secure, accessible, and multi-functional. So, no matter your needs, no matter the amount of stock, Self Storage is an excellent step to take in making sure your stock is stored in the best possible environment.

So, if you need stock to be stored, then please do not hesitate to contact StoreLocal Newmarket, we’ll gladly look after your storage needs in Newmarket, Wilston and Ashgrove. StoreLocal Newmarket looks after Self Storage Newmarket, Self Storage Wilston and of course Self Storage Ashgrove.