How to Spend A Weekend in Busselton

Gorgeous Busselton is one of the loveliest Australian towns. If you’re planning to travel here, you’ll have plenty of chances to walk along secluded beaches, admire sea life and head off to the waters. A trip to this part of Australia is a chance to reconnect with the ocean, make new friends and have a refreshing dip in the waters of the Indian Ocean. The city is home to a wonderful jetty with many things to do and visit. Head out at night for a possum walk. See the vineyards where wine is made all year long. A weekend fun of full awaits.


Friday evening

As you arrive here, you’ll want to check in as soon as possible. Use this time to rest, unwind and begin to unpacking your things. If your hotel offers dinner, you can head downstairs for an evening meal and then a possum walk. Consider trying an upscale restaurant. Seafood is a particularly cherished regional speciality.


Saturday morning

After a good night’s sleep, it’s time to grab breakfast. Many restaurants offer breakfast. Places like Hummingbird are very popular. Vegetarians and vegans will find lots of options for all meals. Places like the Good Egg offer varied possibilities that also include gluten free meals and other kinds of entrees for people who might have special food needs.

Saturday lunchtime

Now is the time to begin your exploration of the area. The Busselton jetty is immediately visible from many parts of the city. Operated by a non-profit organization, it’s the second longest jetty of its type in the entire world. As such, it attracts a lot of company. Be prepared for crowds no matter when you come. Take a tour on the railway that runs the length of it.

When you’re ready to hop off, you’ll find lots of places to eat directly on the jetty. Pizza is great if your travel plans include many family members. Kids and adults alike can find several places to have a few slices and a drink.


Saturday afternoon

After you’ve had time to digest, visit the underwater observatory. Opened in 2003, it is only one of a handful of such observatories that are open to the public. Marvel at sea life as it unfolds in the natural world directly in front of you. Over three hundred marine species are visible here. Tours help you make sense of what you’re seeing and appreciate the diversity that lies just offshore. Allow about two hours to get the entire experience and have time to take enough pictures.


Saturday evening

As night falls, you can choose to dine at the observatory. Surround yourself in luxury with a well prepared meal. If you’re heading back to Busselton on land, there are lots of other places to grab dinner. The region is a popular place for many types of world cuisine. Thai, Chinese and other kind of Asian foods can be found here. Spicy Indian is also deeply popular and much enjoyed by local residents. Look for places that let you sit outside and watch the sun set from the beach.



Sunday morning

If you’re an early riser, you’ll want to take this time and get some exercise along the Busselton-Dunsborough Bike and Walk Path. You can walk or take a bike and watch the landscape unfold in front of your eyes. Feel the wind in your hair. When you’re finished with exercise, head back for a filling breakfast.


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Sunday lunchtime

The beaches in Busselton are ideal for those in search of relaxing travel. Sit back and put down a blanket. If you’re in the mood for whale watching, you can often spot pods directly from the shore. Those who want to get closer to the whales and learn about them personally, you’ll find lots of whale watching cruises. They’ll bring you close to whales of all sizes of ages and help you learn about these magnificent creatures from experts.

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon is an ideal time to sample one of the region’s many cafes. Try Alan’s Cafe for a quick bite. If you’d like to be on the water, The Goose Bar and Kitchen is directly on top of Geographe Bay. This area is also home to one of the largest wine growing areas in Australia. Take a quick trip to a winery in Margaret Bay and sample a glass of the region’s justly famous wines.