It’s been a new year’s resolution for as long as you can remember: to start a band. But there’s always something getting in the way, isn’t there? The neighbours complaining about the noise, venues for band rehearsal being few and far between (and often hugely expensive), no space in your bedroom for your drum set… Here’s something to consider: why not rent a Self Storage unit and set it up as a band practice room? No jokes. StoreLocal Tweed Heads would welcome band practice sessions, and it’s a great solution for a garage band. Here’s why.

Happy neighbours

It’s a sad truth that neighbours (and sometimes, parents and spouses) often don’t understand the finer melodic nuances of, say, Disturbed’s “Down with the sickness”. But instead of wasting precious practice time trying to educate them, why not rather move your band practice into a StoreLocal Tweed Heads  unit? There aren’t any neighbours around to scream at you, and you can rage against the machine to your heart’s content. Some Self Storage facilities even make sure that the units set aside for band practice are soundproof.


The thing about having your band practice room in a StoreLocal Tweed Heads  unit is that it’s consistently accessible, and always available. Some facilities are even open 24 hours – but check this first with your facility. This makes it convenient for any and all band members to pop by when they feel the urge to play. It also makes it easy to set a time that will work for all the members when band practice becomes inevitable (usually a couple of days before your first gig…).

Other pros: you don’t have to pick up your dirty undies from your bedroom floor to make space for your friend’s double bass. Just keep the dirty undies out of the Self Storage unit, though…

Safe & Secure

Self Storage units are safe and secure – both very important aspects when it comes to your cherished musical instruments. You can leave any instruments that you don’t need for day-to-day practice (or even those, actually) there without worrying that they might be missing when you come back. Even better: if you choose to use a climate-controlled unit, your instruments will be protected against the wear and tear of dust, sun damage and changes in temperature. A climate-controlled unit also helps to keep temperatures down when rehearsals get heated…


The cost of a Self Storage unit can be split between the band members, and is usually very affordable – especially if you compare it with what you’d have to pay at other venues. Talk to your chosen facility’s team to work out a deal that will benefit you. They’ll also be able to tell you what the rules are – because yes, there will be rules. You’ll probably have to leave the ciggies and booze at home, for one thing. And you probably won’t be able to fit in any groupies. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for pulling together a buttkicking blues act before Saturday’s open mic session!

Questions to ask

Want to give it a try? Here’s what you need to ask Self Storage facilities:

  1. Do you allow band practice?
  2. Great! Do you have power outlets that we can use? (Some do, some don’t.)
  3. What are the rules we need to abide by?
  4. Is there parking?
  5. Ease of moving band gear?
  6. How big are the units?
  7. What are the costs involved?

So if you’re in Tweed Heads and rocking the Gold Coast, then pop in and say hello, Helen will help you find the space to store your gear, set up your space and rock away.

StoreLocal Tweed Heads allows easy access seven days a week, and is conveniently located at 6 Greenway Drive in Tweed Heads.