Top Tips for an Interstate Move

Moving to a new state can be a stressful process, but careful planning and preparation will make it easier. Here are six tips for a successful interstate move from Airlie Beach:


Start early.

It may seem like you have plenty of time to get ready for your move, but packing and planning always takes longer than expected. Start a few weeks earlier than you think you need to, so you don’t end up getting stressed at the last minute. The more time you give yourself to pack, the more organized and careful you can be. You’ll also have extra time to handle any unexpected problems that come up along the way.


Choose your moving company carefully.

If you’re moving interstate, you’ll probably need to hire a moving company to get the job done. Not all moving companies are the same, though, so you should make your choice carefully. Look up reviews online for every company you consider, and ask them for proof of their licensing and other credentials. Your belongings are in their hands, so it’s important to hire a company you can trust.


Keep track of your important documents.

Items can easily be lost during an interstate move, so you should keep a close eye on your important documents. Put your family’s birth certificates, health records, school documents, tax forms, and other documents in a safe place, and keep them on your person or in your own vehicle during the move.


Pack properly.

When you have to pack up your entire home, it may be tempting just to throw items into boxes without a plan. This may be the fastest way to pack, but it isn’t the safest. Try to pack items from the same room together, and label all of your boxes with exactly what’s inside. Use sturdy packing boxes, which are designed to hold heavy items and withstand a long-distance move. Wrap up fragile items with bubble wrap or newspaper, and protect the corners of your furniture with padding to prevent scuffing.


Get rid of clutter.

Moving companies usually charge by weight or volume, so the more you pack, the more expensive your move will be. Moving to a new state can be a great fresh start, so you can take this opportunity to get rid of some clutter. You can donate or throw away items that you don’t need, and you can sell your larger appliances to cut down your moving costs.


Put items you don’t need in self-storage.

If you have furniture, seasonal items, or other belongings that you don’t need immediately but don’t want to get rid of, you can keep them in an Airlie Beach Storage unit. You’ll have less to worry about while you get settled in your new home, and you can have the items transported from Airlie Beach whenever you’re ready for them. This can save you time, effort, and money on your move, but you’ll know that your belongings are safely taken care of in the storage unit