Best Thrift Shops Around Brunswick

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If you’re a bargain shopper, there are plenty of great places to find phenomenal deals in Brunswick. Most of them are conveniently located along Highway 55. These are some of the top thrift stores to visit.

Store your clothing with Self Storage in Brunswick East

When you’re tired of your old clothes, keep them instead of donating them. With Self Storage in Brunswick East, you can safely store your clothes until they become more valuable. When they increase in value, you can sell them and buy new clothes. There are plenty of unit size options for Self Storage in Brunswick East. We have some suggestions for the best thrift shops to visit after you have cleared your wardrobe and popped your old clothes into storage in Brunswick East.


This Salvation Army store has a large inventory of everything from furniture to clothing. You’ll find plenty of modern merchandise. The store also has vintage clothing, dishes and decorations. Since some of the items that are donated are new, you may find new pillows and mattresses for low prices if you look frequently. Many people go to this store to look for new or gently used kitchen appliances and electronics. Since Salvos adds new merchandise every day, check it often to find the best bargains.

Mrs. Secondhand

When you talk to seasoned thrift store enthusiasts in Brunswick, they often recommend Mrs. Secondhand. From clothing and books to furniture and dishes, you can find nearly anything. This store buys and sells antique, retro and vintage items. Many people visit the warehouse each day, and most items stay on the shelves for only a day or two. This store is popular because people like the prospect of finding a bargain-priced rare item and the ensuing sense of urgency that this feeling causes.

Don Bosco Brunswick

If you’re not familiar with this op shop, it’s part of a religious organisation. There is a youth facility that hosts activities for children and teens. It also has a hostel for young men who need a low-cost place to live. Since most people know that the money from their donated clothing, furniture and other belongings goes to good causes, they often donate valuable items. If you check the store frequently, you can find designer clothes and modern furniture.


Don’t let the size of this small store make you think that it doesn’t have some treasures. The inventory changes quickly, and it’s a good place to find vintage clothes, toys, books and accessories. If you’re not looking for furniture, appliances or other large items, this is a great store to choose. You may also find electronic gadgets, handbags and other items of value for unbelievable prices. If you’re looking for used clothing for a child, this store has plenty of attractive children’s garments.


Savers is a large thrift store. You will find a massive inventory of clothing, and there are plenty of fitting rooms. This store has an expansive collection of new and old books. Although clothing is the main attraction at Savers, you can also find furniture, electronics and housewares.