Upcycle Furniture with Storage in Bunbury

What distinguishes interior design professionals from amateurs? Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t succeed without natural talent. In reality, Australia’s best designers triumph over tough interior challenges by being able to use anything they’re presented with. Whether you’re blessed with completely unused new furniture or have to hunt for long-lost items in your Self Storage in Bunbury, you must adapt to your circumstances to create something innovative.

Upcycling old furniture is a great way to make the most of a small design budget or overcome restrictive project constraints. Here’s how to do more with limited resources.

Keep your options open

Interior design is its own unique language. To express emotions and give spaces universal appeal, you need to equip yourself with a sufficient vocabulary.

This doesn’t mean simply knowing terms like “minimalism” or being able to list off artistic styles and famous architects. Instead, you should work to expand your repertoire beyond what you already know.

Before even getting started with a new project, you ought to be gathering cool furniture pieces, decor items and accents in a Self Storage in Bunbury. Always leave yourself with options. By doing so, you’ll make it much easier to create something rewarding instead of feeling like a lack of resources forced your hand.


Don’t be afraid to deconstruct

Deconstruction is a huge part of art. Whether you’re painting a mountain landscape by simplifying the peaks into basic triangular shapes or learning a new piece of music by practising one part at a time, breaking down big tasks makes them far more digestible.

When you upcycle furniture, this can be quite literal, so break out your sandpaper, chisels, wood burners and other tools to redefine individual furniture pieces. Even if you just add a new coat of paint or finish, you’ll feel proud of yourself for taking the initiative.

Transforming old items into something new is a great way to make something that represents your personality. Some people even make a living by selling their handiwork, so it’s not a bad hobby either.

Check out some of these cool ways to up-cycle old pallet furniture

Think about your intent, not just the original designer’s

Most furniture is purpose-made to fulfil a specific function. For instance, dining room tables make meals more convenient for their owners, and floor lamps are designed to offer standalone illumination.

The secret to being able to upcycle anything lies in casting off these shackles of purpose. Instead of limiting yourself to what a piece of furniture is supposed to be used for, make your own choices to leverage hidden dimensions and capabilities that the original designers probably never envisioned. You might remake an old sea chest from your storage in Bunbury as a side table or a home for a hidden wine rack. A reclaimed metal bedframe could make the perfect backyard garden planter, or a salvaged wooden box might become the ideal frame for an appropriately sized hanging mirror.

When it comes to upcycling, the only real limitation is your willingness to experiment. Creativity revolves around trying new things, so don’t be shy about making mistakes.