Day trip to the Margaret River

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It usually takes about 40 minutes or a little longer to drive straight from Busselton to Margaret River. However, there are several delightful wineries to see along the way. These are some of the best choices in the area.

Calneggia Family Vineyards

Take Bussell Highway to Kaloorup Road. Follow it south to Payne Road. At Payne Road, turn west. You’ll soon see Calneggia Family Vineyards on Labouchere Road. The Calneggia family strives to produce fruit-driven wines that are elegant and of the highest quality. They own several other vineyards in the area and are known for their Bramble Lane, Rosabrook and Bunkers labels, which they produce with the help of the well-known Brian Fletcher.

Island Brook Estate

Next, take Payne Road west until you reach Bussell Highway. Drive south on Bussell Highway until you see the telltale old red truck. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a vineyard with three quaint chalets at the edge of the forest. If you want to make your trip an overnight journey, book a chalet room in advance here. The vineyard sells wine under the Haywood Wine Company label. The wines are known for their simple quality and superb taste.

3 Oceans Wine Company

Drive south on Bussell Highway. As soon as you pass Harmans Estate, watch for 3 Oceans Wine Company on the east side of the highway. If you’re traveling with kids or others who aren’t interested in wine, this vineyard is a superb destination. It offers mobile tasting benches and educational groups for wine lovers, and there are video games and other activities for kids or those who don’t want to learn about the wine. This vineyard is known for its large cellars and unique quality.

Settlers Ridge

Travel south again on Bussell Highway. If you love everything organic, this winery is a must for your self-driven tour. With special farming practices, filtration methods and ingredient control, this winery does not rely on chemical additives. You can sample wine varieties, ask questions and learn about the fascinating organic wine-making process.

Cape Mentelle Vineyards

For your final destination, go south on Bussell Highway through Margaret River. When you reach Wallcliffe Road, travel west until you see this vineyard. In addition to wine samples and tours, the vineyard frequently offers outdoor movies. If you’re bringing your children, there is a play area for them as well. This vineyard is known for its sustainable farming practices and for its wide selection of red and white wines.

Self Storage in Busselton

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