How to Prepare for a renovation

Performing a home remodel is a great way to improve your quality of life and boost your property’s value. The mess, the reduction in privacy and the financial obligations that go along with major home renovations in Melbourne can put stress on family relationships. Proper preparation is the key to keeping your project on point and maintaining your sanity. These five activities will help you to eliminate the anxious moments that are sure to happen during a Melbourne home renovation.


#1 Find some Inspiration

If you are thinking of undertaking a big renovation, it’s important that you have a very specific idea in mind of the kind of styling, colours and furniture you would like to use at the end to evoke a certain feeling in each room of the home. Securing a storage unit in Campbellfield a few months prior to undertaking any renovation work is a great way to start collecting furniture items and other decor that you would like to use to style your home but don’t want to be damaged during all the work. Check out some of our inspiration for different rooms in your home and then follow the rest of our tips to help guide you through a successful and stress-free renovation.

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#2 Pack away fragile items

Your lead crystal vases and the fine china that your in-laws gave you for a wedding present have little chance of surviving a home renovation worksite. It’s best to carefully wrap these items with packaging materials and put them in a safe place. In addition to removing them from a proposed worksite area, you’ll want to make sure that delicate items are placed away from areas that’ll get increased foot traffic during your home renovation. If your Melbourne home’s spare room is already full, consider renting a Storage unit in the Melbourne suburb of Campbellfield to store your fragile treasures.


#3 Clear away furniture from work spaces

Whether you conduct your home’s renovation project or hire a professional building contractor to do it, you’ll want the worksite clear of furniture. A work area that’s full of furniture has the potential to be disorganized at best and a safety hazard as a worst-case scenario. To keep your workspace hazard free and your project on schedule, try moving your furniture into a Storage unit in Campbellfield. The rented Storage unit can also keep your furniture from being damaged during your remodelling project.


#4 Safeguard valuables

You’re used to the privacy that owning a home offers you and your family. A bit of that privacy goes away when you invite contractors into your home during renovation projects. Renting a Storage unit in Campbellfield gives you a place to temporarily keep valuables and personal items such as jewellery, important documents, and stashed cash.


#5 Store building materials

While browsing the unique offerings of a second-hand hardware shop in Melbourne, you caught sight of a stunning tile mosaic medallion that would look great on the floor of your remodelled kitchen. Since there was no guarantee that the artisan craft item would still be available during your upcoming kitchen renovation, you buy the large medallion prior to your project’s start date. Want to make sure that items like this tile medallion are kept in pristine condition for your building contractor? Renting a Storage unit in Campbellfield for these items is the ideal solution.


#6 Sell unwanted items

When preparing your home for a renovation, you’re sure to come across items that you no longer use or want. You can put these items aside and attempt to sell them in a yard sale or on an online auction. The money that you make from selling those items could help to offset the cost of the renovation.