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Want to do more with a lacklustre landscape? Sick of being greeted by drab surroundings after a long day on the job? Luckily, Epping residents who want a change of pace need look no further than their own inner creativity and a convenient storage unit. Mastering the ins and outs of professional landscaping may take a lifetime, but anyone can get the ball rolling with these tips. Read on to revitalise any Epping garden without spending a ton of cash.


Go out on a limb

Landscaping experts know that their craft thrives on practice and experimentation. As with all creative projects, those who limit themselves to their comfort zones may end up feeling less than fulfilled.


Plan and adapt

How can rank beginners overcome their natural fear of diving into new projects? It’s easiest to start with a sketch, and making one is easy. Using an Epping overhead property map, rough out the planned changes. For smaller projects, a Google or Apple maps screengrab often does the trick. Draw on a printed copy of the map, or do it in an image editing app. Mark ideal spots for new plantings, fence locations or patio furniture. Then, head outside for a walk around the property.

Paying particular attention to the areas from the draft, envision how things will actually look with the changes. Think about a few crucial questions: Will existing features have to move to make way for the new ones? How much space will the new layout leave for vital tasks like wandering about or playing with the kids? Fix any issues, and sleep on it before starting to dig and rearrange.


Use storage liberally

Nice gardens change and evolve with the seasons, so make it easy to keep up. Leaving room for a well-stocked toolshed is a fine start, but it isn’t always enough. Putting old pots, extra timbers and other stuff in a dedicated Epping Storage unit is usually a good idea. This step is particularly wise with oversised items.


Hunt for local plants

Native species are often easier to maintain, which can make gardens far more fun and rewarding. Plants that are already well-adapted to the local climate, lighting, moisture and soil require less coaxing to thrive. They may also be simpler to care for, so don’t just plant thirsty, time-intensive exotics.

When growing food for the dinner table, choose edible species that naturally complement each other. Perennial plants that stick around for more than a year are also perfect for maintaining a consistent, styled look.\


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