How to declutter your home


Decluttering isn’t throwing everything out. In fact, that’s exactly the misconception that makes people resist doing it. Most of us simply cannot bear the thought of having to discard all the little—and not-so-little—things that are part of who we are. However, too much of a good thing can interfere in day-to-day living. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider a bit of decluttering and some Storage in Gympie.


At its best, decluttering is deciding not only what should stay or go but also what needs to be put away and kept somewhere else for later. The great part is that there’s no one, single right way of doing it. You can do a little at a time or a lot. Just find an approach that works for you.



Organise busy areas

Organise busy areas. Every home has certain spots that become natural collection points for layers of receipts, papers, books, mail, keys, electronic devices and even spare change. Sorting keys and chargers is fairly simple. However, despite technology, most of us still find ourselves drowning in papers that we really can’t or won’t toss. Instead, set up a few labeled boxes or clear bins where you can deposit these items daily. At year’s end, you can close the lids and send them to Storage in Gympie—a simple solution for record keeping.

Preserve room function and functionality.

Preserve room function and functionality. Simply put, what is a room’s purpose, and how well do the items in the room contribute to that? For example, are you actually using the exercise equipment that sits in your bedroom, where you should be able to sleep, or has it become a clothes hanger? In the kitchen, how many of those small appliances and culinary devices claim months of premium counter or cabinet space waiting for the holidays? Does your garage have room for automobiles to park damage-free, or is it full of extras better stored elsewhere?


Clear surface areas for clean living.

Clear surface areas for clean living. Accumulations of too much stuff make chores like cleaning and maintenance difficult—if not impossible. It’s amazing how much dust and dirt can hide in plain sight beneath and around tchotchkes and knickknacks, items laid aside until later and stacks of things you simply don’t know what else to do with. In areas prone to moisture, mould and mildew can destroy items and cause health concerns. Instead, store collections properly to preserve their value and keep your home neat, clean and well-maintained.



Keep closets current.

Keep closets current. Overstuffed closets result in crushed, wrinkled and otherwise misshapen or buried clothes. You can never find the item you want, and you’re constantly frustrated by the things you’ll probably never wear again. You may have several seasons’ worth of bulky clothing crowded against random boxes and bags. Add an assortment of shoes, boots, handbags and luggage, and the result is a jumble. Reserve precious closet space for what you’re likely to wear for the season, rotating the rest to Storage in Gympie.

Live by the season.

Live by the season. Just as you should reserve your closet for what you’re currently wearing, use your living space for how you’re currently living. Holidays, recreational activities and hobbies can rapidly occupy every space in a home. Having a pantry shelf or cabinet still filled with New Year’s decorations in April is clutter. Likewise, bulky out-of-season athletic gear stuffed into the hall closet means that you can’t hang your guests’ coats. Make sure off-season items don’t prevent you from enjoying the season you’re in.


Try renting a Storage unit in Gympie.

Try renting a Storage unit in Gympie. For many items, tossing or donating simply isn’t an option. You may not be using something now, but you may well want it later. Many possessions have sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable. For other objects, you may need a test period to reassure yourself that you really are done with them. In all of these cases, Storage requires space that you may not have in your home. Renting a secure Storage unit in Gympie, however, gives you the means to make your house the home you’ve always wanted right now without losing a thing. It also gives you time to decide what you want to do with stored items for the long term and accessibility to them in the meantime.

Don’t let clutter get the best of you. Whether it’s a little or a lot, we have the perfect Storage options nearby in Gympie to store your prized possessions and let you get on with life.