6 Things You Can Do in a Storage Unit

No matter where you look, whether it be Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or the deepest rural areas of Australia, Hallam Storage units are plentiful. That’s because the majority of us wind up with more stuff than we can store in our garage. And let’s face it, whether it comes to childhood rugby trophies or part of our parent’s estate, it’s darn hard to get rid of cherished memoirs. Consequently, people and small businesses are increasingly turning to Hallam Storage units for their storage solution problems.

But people are increasingly looking at creative ways to use Hallam Storage units, and before going much further into the top 6 creative use and modification for storage units, the number one question that managers of storage units get, particularly after a clever YouTuber posted videos, is “Can I live in the unit?”

The answer is, of course, no, you not only can’t live in a Hallam Storage unit but you can’t keep live animals or plants, so you clandestine marijuana farmers will have to look someplace else.

There are a number of clever ideas for using a storage unit according to Hallam Storage Hallan Storage a Victoria Storage Facility, and part of a chain of storage facilities across Australia.

The managers of Storelocal have seen it all or have heard it from other storage managers and here are the top 6 clever uses for a storage unit that you can do without voiding your bond.

 Top 6 ideas

 Starting with the most clever, at number 6, is turning your rental unit into a band practice area.

For around $350, you can rent an 18 square meter garage unit, which is the perfect size for a band to practice. By setting a number of acoustic panels in an interior cone of plywood, you can get great acoustics, you won’t have the neighbors complaining about noise, and you’ll have plenty of privacy. You’ll need a unit that provides electricity, (otherwise you’ll need a generator for the amps and lighting,) but this can be the perfect set up for the next AC/DC or Savage Garden wannabees.

Not only doHallam Storage units make great practice facilities, but with the 24-hour security, you can safely leave your heavy amps and instruments overnight, instead of lugging them to and from your studio.

 Number 5 is creating an artist studio.

All you need is some lighting, a number of mats on the floor to protect against splatters, and you have a great place to paint or sculpt.

 Number 4 is an online store.

Providing you don’t have to access it too often, many people run online stores out of storage units. You can install a desk and a computer, and virtually have the rest of the space for inventory. It’s no only cheap, but it’s very secure at night when you leave.

 Number 3 is a company warehouse

Many mobile companies rent storage space to keep all the spare parts needed for repairs of plumbing or supplies for exterminating for example, and then individual workman can pick up their needed parts from there.

 Number 2, is naturally storage for your store

Savvy companies keep a minimal number of display items, at their store, and then use three or four storage units to keep overflow.

 Number 1 is special collections

Sports memorabilia and antique shops often rent storage units to keep private collections safe. As they are locked behind closed fences requiring a pin and usually have CCTV cameras, not only are they secure, but do not lock you into a contract.