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It is time for you to relocate but you are having one small need that you thought would be seemingly effortless to locate. You are in need of a rental property that is pet-friendly. You have an established bond with your furry little friend and you know that he must travel with you for this next leg of your residential lodging journey. Moving with a cat or dog may have seemed like a simple task but now you are being faced with a plethora of questions and roadblocks and having a difficult time maneuvering around them as gracefully as you are completing all of the other steps of this relocation. Fear not; there are some helpful strategies and tips that you can utilize that will make moving with your fur-ever friend seem effortless. Here are a few tips from Self Storage Hendon.


The first thing that you can do to make acquiring a new residence with your pet simple is to have all of your pets’ veterinary care paperwork on hand. When renting in a complex or association it is natural for the rental company to ask for this paperwork. The management company wants to make sure that your pet is vaccinated and well cared for so that it does not become a liability to them or their other tenants that may be future neighbours of you. Some rental companies are comfortable with contacting your pets vet directly but others may want to see the paperwork along with the rental paperwork you are filling out. It would be best to simply keep a copy of all medical records on hand to alleviate any unnecessary phone calls or visits to the veterinary care office.

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The second and most obvious thing that you should do when seeking out a rental residence for you and your pet is to only tour places that list themselves as pet friendly. Being sneaky and smuggling your furry comrade into your rental space is never a good idea. If you are caught you could be heavily fined and evicted. Many properties are pet-friendly, they just want everything to be on the up and up and these properties are usually the best ones to work. If there is a property you have had your eye on that is not listed as pet friendly you can always contact their management office and ask if they are willing to accept pets. Some properties will make exceptions to their no pet rule if the pet meets certain and precise criteria or if a hefty pet safety deposit is left.


The third task you will need to complete before moving with your pet will be performed once you have secured your future residence. You should capitalize on acquiring a space at Hendon Storage. It is really easy to acquire a lot of extra items over your time at your current residence. Just because you bought all of those holiday decorations or that new full size arcade game does not mean that you have to lug it with you right away to your new apartment. The move will already be stressful enough for your furry friend. Whenever an animal relocates to a new space it has to spend some time getting acquainted with all of the new smells and sounds that it will be experiencing. Bringing the essential items that the animal is already familiar with will help make the new space comfortable and familiar to them. All of the extra stuff that may be in a forgotten space in your home can be stored at Hendon Storage. Our team of professional rental agents will be able to direct you to the proorper sized unit to hold your cherished but not often used belongings. There is never a need to throw your desire treasured away; we can help you establish an accommodating space for your belongings and you can retrieve them as you need them.

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After a month or so your pet will become acclimated to all of the sounds, sights and smells around it in its new home. A new routine will be established and you will most likely have completed most of your unpacking process. This is a great time to move things you realized you do not use often to your Hendon Storage unit and then bring items from your rented unit back to your new residence. You can rent your unit for as long as you would like and but limiting a large pile of boxes and unnecessary items in your home you are keeping a safe environment for your pet to easily maneuver and adjust to.