How to Prepare for An Interstate Move

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The first step towards making an interstate move a success is completing the proper preparation by packing up and loading your vehicle up in a well thought out, organized fashion. It is undoubtedly difficult to put things in the proper boxes and to take the necessary time to organize your items before you leave when time is of the essence. However, if you do take time to do this, it will pay dividends down the road. At the end of that same road, it is a good idea to get a unit in Kawana Storage for a period of time. Storage units like Kawana Storage are important because you will have an alternative place to put your possessions which will reduce your stress level and anxiety of getting a new place together to live. Making an interstate move will be so much easier if you have peace of mind that you have taken the right steps on the front and back end of the process.

Once you are on the road, it is important to get the proper amount of rest and relaxation during this long-term trip. You want to make sure that you are getting the proper balance while driving. Ideally, you would even have a partner in the interstate move that would give you a break during the drive. The reason this is important is that boredom sets in a lot quicker when you are pushing yourself under the stress of a move. You need to consider that your body and mind need to be focused on the task of driving but also at the same time you need to be engaged in something else to keep from giving in to the monotony of driving.

During an interstate trip, there are various forms of content to listen to but the best option for people is to rotate between music and podcasts. Music that you relate to gives a certain amount of energy to you that comes from within. Podcasts are great at keeping your mind stimulated. They have become very popular and the number of different podcast options has proliferated in the last two years. If you want any more specific tips, call Kawana Storage and talk to one of our friendly team members.

Beyond keeping your mind active during the long move, you should also consider leveraging a map or directions app that will help guide you to your destination. Even if you know the route, many of these apps will let you know if traffic or construction issues rear their ugly heads. Detours automatically populate in many of these apps and this will help you be the most efficient in getting to your destination. This drive efficiency needs to be balanced with the proper amount of stops for gas, food and simple relief. The stops that you make ideally would be planned before the trip starts so that you aren’t pushing yourself beyond your limits. If you break the interstate trips into shorter pieces, you can essentially set goals for yourself that are achievable and your mind will be focused on those goals.

The actual driving that you do during a big move from one state to another should be vigilant and defensive. You are driving with the literal and figurative weight of your own world on your shoulders and it is important to stay vigilant for those drivers that are treating the highway like a race track. The biggest and most important goal of an interstate move in maintaining the safety of every passenger on the road including yourself. You have control over your vehicle, but at the same time, there is a need to watch our for those in front, behind and to the side of you that may be driving recklessly or too fast for conditions. If you are doing that actively and effectively, the chance of you getting into an accident goes down precipitously. The drivers who are texting or watching their phones are one of the biggest threats to you and by glancing at your fellow motorists eyes you can glean a lot about their level of attentiveness. For more moving tips, follow out the Kawana Storage blog page.