How to Organise your Garage

It’s a given that garages will rapidly become cluttered and disorganised without a good organisation strategy. The average homeowner often neglects to take the time to arrange their garage to make the best use of the space. Here are a few simple but effective tips for organising your garage in a way that makes sense, including how to secure a Kelvin Grove Self Storage unit

1. Move unused items into Self Storage at Kelvin Grove


Every garage in the Brisbane area has tools or pieces of furniture that take up space and see little if any action. Using Self Storage in Kelvin Grove to warehouse those items will greatly simplify your life. Fortunately, finding affordable Self Storage in Kelvin Grove isn’t difficult.


2. Designate storage zones based on item type


Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s difficult to find tools or materials if they’re jumbled together. Break down your garage space into zones for tools, lumber, decorations, outdoor recreational equipment and so forth. Tailor the storage solutions in each zone to match the items being stored.


garage organisation areas

3. Buy or build a workbench with a pegboard


A workbench featuring drawers, a counter and a pegboard serves a few purposes. For one, it gives a homeowner plenty of storage options for a variety of tools and appliances. Furthermore, it provides them with a flat horizontal space for organising items before they’re put away.

Check out some of these awesome vertical storage solutions:


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Source: Home Talk

Michelle created her tiny, 18-inch-deep garden shed by co-opting space from her garage behind her Mill Valley, California, home. (See Steal This Look: My Mini Garden Shed in a Garage for more.) But it was time to update the look: “I wanted to paint the shed a single color because a uniform backdrop makes it easier to organize all the tools and pots and accessories in a garden shed,” she says.

Source: Remodelista

There are alot of good way to organise the workshop and white peg board is on of the best.

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possible overhead front?

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Score the most organized garage on the block with @theexchange's tricks for storage, organization, shelving, and more.

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4. Deploy stacking shelf racks and cabinets


When it comes to storage potential per square metre of floor space, cabinets and shelving units are the preferred options. A multi-level shelving unit that’s roughly 70 centimetres deep will provide tons of space for garage items of all kinds. Use cabinets with doors if you’re worried about dust and dirt contamination.



Put walls to work to clean up garage clutter. Take back unused space and suspend a shelving unit above recycling and garbage cans. Here, customized wire shelves hold overflow items, such as cleaning supplies. A stepladder nearby means nothing is ever out of reach.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

An organised garage space using a simple shelving unit, and a combination of labelled baskets and storage bins to contain and organise all the different categories

Source: I Heart Organising 

59Getting Our Groove On in the Garage!

Source: I Heart Organising


5. Install a few wall-mounted horizontal racks


If you have plenty of long, shallow implements like rakes, spades or brooms, horizontal racks are a fantastic investment. Something as simple as regularly spaced hooks bolted to wall studs would do the trick in a pinch. Horizontal racks are also ideal for storing 45 x 90 mm lumber.


6. Create a bin storage system or use Storage in Kelvin Grove


If you want to add storage capacity to a garage without consuming floor space, the answer is just above your head. Bolting racks that can accept hardened plastic bins to the ceiling joists is a capital idea. Adding a few random hooks to joists and rafters is another sensible option.


7. Build a loft space above the ceiling joists


Any garage with a gable or gambrel roof can be outfitted with a makeshift loft quite easily in a matter of hours. Screwing a few sheets of plywood to the ceiling joists is all that’s required to greatly increase the storage capacity of your garage.


8. Planning is the key to Kelvin Grove storage success


Whether it’s Self Storage in Kelvin Grove, workbenches or cabinets, there’s no shortage of garage organisation ideas available. Devising a comprehensive game plan before you get started is the important thing. Ultimately, any of the garage organisation tips mentioned above will work wonders when implemented wisely.