New customers at StoreLocal Northcote are constantly amazed how our facility is nothing like what they’d imagined it to be. They were still believing the many myths that are attached to Self Storage, but the industry has come a long way, and Self Storage facilities like StoreLocal Northcote are now modern, clean and secure. Places where you can store anything from your household contents to your business stock. Our customers require Self Storage in Brunswick East, Northcote, Bellfield and Thornbury, and they are not always aware that their image of Self Storage is nothing more than myth.

To help those unfamiliar with modern Self Storage facilities, we’ve listed five common myths about Self Storage, highlighting just how far StoreLocal and the Self Storage industry has come over the years.

Self Storage Is Only for Long-Term Storage

Many people think that when storing their property that they will be required to sign a long-term contract. At StoreLocal Northcote this isn’t the case, we have month to month contracts that only require that you give notice when you wish to end your term. This makes StoreLocal Northcote the perfect option for when you’re moving home or you are renovating.

Storage Units Are All the Same Size

Another common misconception is that all the units are the size of a garage, and that is no choice. At StoreLocal Northcote we have a variety of unit sizes that mean that you can find the perfect sized unit for your goods, after all why pay for space that you don’t need? Use our online space calculator to see how much space you need.

Storage Facilities Are Dusty and Dirty

The usual perception of a Self Storage facility is that it is a dusty dirty place that is barely maintained. StoreLocal Northcote facilities are run to the highest standards and are always in tip top shape. We do our best to make sure that our facilities are clean, dry and pest free.

Self Storage Facilities Are Inconveniently Located

When people think of Self Storage facilities, they usually think of warehouses on the outskirts of the city, somewhere near the airport or in an industrial area. With StoreLocal, our facilities are built in the communities we serve. Our StoreLocal Northcote facility caters for customers from Brunswick East, Northcote, Bellfield and Thornbury. And our facility is located at 150 Arthurton Road in Northcote, giving easy access for residents of Brunswick East in the west, Thornbury and Preston in the north, and Bellfield in the west.

Access Is Restricted and by Appointment Only

What could be more frustrating than having to make an appointment to get access to stored goods that belong to you? With access to facilities between 07h00 and 19h00, StoreLocal Northcote make sure that you can drop by just about any time. All you need is your access code and the key to the lock on your unit, it’s as easy as that!

Now that you know more about StoreLocal Northcote and our facilities, why don’t you head over to StoreLocal Northcote to find a Self Storage solution to suit your needs, or simply call us on 03-9481-0499 and have Geoff or Alex help you find the perfect space for your stuff!