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Getting a new room to a kid is like giving them a whole new world. A room makeover gives them an entirely new feel. There’s many ways to do a makeover and many things you can do to make the makeover special. Here are a few of those ways from Storage Newmarket.


Toddler to Big Kid Room

A little kid wants to feel like a superhero. Once they get rid of the “baby” stuff like nursery decorations and changing tables, it’s a whole new game. Let them in on the fun of redesigning the bedroom. Do they want a car theme, a princess theme, a certain colour scheme, etc. It’s like a game to them. They can pick out some things to put on the wall. One of the most fun things might be to pick out a new bed. You get to choose what size you want and how to arrange the new furniture. Sometimes you don’t need all new furniture, but just a change to the existing furniture. Pair it with other things that will make them feel like a “big kid.” Put things up in their room with their name and the new theme so they really feel in charge of their own room. For an extra touch give them a tent or a little teepee, an area they feel is their very own in this new land.


The Sentimental Things

Just because you redo a room doesn’t mean you get rid of memories. From old books and class drawings to favourite stuffed animals and meaningful blankets, these things can’t just be thrown away. It’s a great idea to put them in Newmarket Storage so you can find them at all times. Places like Newmarket Storage offer you a location to store these kinds of items so you can always have them and go get them if needed to display or give back to your kids at a later date. Never get rid of things that mean something because you may want to give these things to grandchildren one day. These things are priceless, and shouldn’t be thrown in the trash just because you’re growing as a person.


Big Kid Room to Teenage Room

Most teenagers won’t be excited to have unicorns dancing on their walls or Batman memorabilia all over their room. Most teenagers want to control their decorations, and some have a crazy idea of how to do just that. If they let you put your touch on it, give them a space full of class, but still with a teenager feels. Go with bright colours and subtle themes. If you want to give them full reign, they may choose to plaster the room with boy band posters or sports memorabilia, and that’s just fine, too. They need independence so it’s fun to let them play with decor.

Furniture should be things they can use for studying and provide a place of solace. Many teenagers spend hours in their bedroom so make it a place of retreat for them. One great addition is a television so they can truly feel independent. If they play video games, provide a place to store any of their accessories. Girls may want a place to store beauty products. Give them a selection to choose from so they feel as if they’re in on all of the redecorating.


Have Fun

Do things together and have fun at the same time. Remember redecorating a bedroom is fun and a time to grow together. Don’t have fights over the colour of paint or what type of dresser should be in the room. These things aren’t live or die, it’s all about the memories to be made in the room. For more home tips and tricks, follow the Storage Newport blog page.