How to rent out your room while you travel

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Now that the three-month university holiday period is nearing or already underway and you are putting the final touches on your overseas getaway, why not rent out your bedroom so that you can have some extra income coming in during this time? It’s not difficult to do, and using Storage Newmarket can help make the process an easy one.


First steps

Before you start letting somebody into your room, you’re going to want to ensure that any personal items have been removed. These can be things of monetary value as well as items that simply have a lot of sentimental value. Take all of them to Storage Newmarket, and they will be safely stored there.

Also add some nice touches to the room. In fact, you’re going to want to ensure that it looks nicer now than it ever has while you lived there so that it can be as attractive as possible. Simple things like placing beautiful knickknacks on the shelves or a picturesque painting on the wall can do wonders for the look of the room. Meanwhile, stylish curtains, rugs and bedding can often be what really cause a room to stand out from the rest. You will, in most cases, need to get insurance that covers incidents caused by those now living in your room. This can generally be done through general landlord insurance or insurance specialised for situations such as these. Also, make sure to let the Australian Tax Office know about your new income source.



Where to find someone

After your room has been beautified and unnecessary items taken to Storage Newmarket, the next step is finding the fortunate person or people who will be part of your home while you’re gone. The most popular share accommodation website in Australia is while, which also serves Australia, is famous throughout the world. When you’re in the process of listing your rental, use quality photographs that put it in the best light possible by ensuring that the room is cleaned and decorated and that the camera angles used are complementary. As you fill out the description, provide as many details as possible. These include things such as which spaces the renter will have access to, whether or not breakfast will be provided and if children can stay there.



Their arrival

If you’re still going to be there when the new person or people arrive, that makes the transition a lot easier as you can do things such as hand them a key, provide them with the internet password and ask if they have any questions for you before you leave. If you’re not going to be there, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to take care of the check-in process. It’s also important to be clear on whether sheets and towels will be cleaned in your absence. Having one or more people rent your room for the entire duration of your time out of the country is preferred but not always possible.