Top 5 Things to Do in Noosa

You can find many cool activities to do in Noosa. Plus, you have the option to store additional equipment in a Self Storage in Noosa facility. Experience the freedom of exploring Noosa without having to worry about where to store excess belongings. The Sunshine Coast features a pleasant climate and warm salt water from the ocean. Whether you enjoy surfing, dining out at upscale restaurants or visiting tourist attractions, check out the following list featuring five of the coolest things to do at Noosa:

1. Attend the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Our Inspiration: The cool coastal charm of this vintage, surfboard scene. Image via: Free People.

Each year, the month of March marks the Noosa Festival of Surfing where you can watch professional surfers. If you want to learn how to surf, take affordable lessons at Noosa Surf Lessons. If you decide to buy a board, consider using storage in Noosa to keep it safe from damage and in a convenient location.

2. Eat at the famous Noosa Beach House restaurant

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You’ll find a number of eating establishments on Hastings Street in Noosa. However, the Noosa Beach House constitutes a must visit. The restaurant is managed by Peter Kuruvita, a celebrated Aussie chef. The chef loves cooking gourmet meals and also enjoys surfing. Accordingly, the menu is loaded with tempting seafood recipes combining Chef Kuruvita’s Sri Lankan roots with his Australian preferences. You absolutely must taste the chef’s baked coconut custard dessert. If you take advantage of a Self Storage in Noosa unit, you are free to explore numerous restaurants.

3. Visit Australia Zoo.

A red kangaroo at Healesville Sanctaury. Red kangaroos are the largest kangaroos. There are over 60 types of kangaroos. All except the tree kangaroo are native to Australia. From the small wallabies to the large red kangaroo. Brought to you by Femme Classic Art


Take your kids to Australia Zoo for a fun day gazing at a wide array of unique animals. You may need to spend a few days visiting the zoo that features live crocodile shows and koala bears you can pet. The Crocoseum was created by Steve Irwin, formerly known as “The Crocodile Hunter.” Additionally, you are sure to enjoy looking at the tigers dwelling in the zoo’s Tiger Temple or taking time out to observe the giraffes and zebras. Bindi’s Island is another must visit that is part of Australia Zoo. On the island, your family will delight in viewing giant tortoises, lemurs and macaws. You will love the innovative entrance resembling a shipwreck

4. Spend a day visiting the outdoor markets.

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If you love tasting food from another culture, visit a few of the Noosa markets. Eumundi Markets, Peregian Markets and the popular Noosa Farmers Market are open on various days throughout the week. At the Noosa Farmers Market, you can find home-made limeaid, organic vegetables, locally caught seafood, jams, various types of cheeses and freshly baked loaves of heavenly bread.

5. Take a trip to Fraser Island.

Lake McKenzie - Fraser Island Australia My favorite place on the planet.
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You don’t want to visit Noosa without visiting Fraser Island. Experience your inner adventurer and buy a ticket to embark via one of the scheduled Nomads Fraser Island tours. You’ll see abundant wildlife and Australian dingoes. Plus, you can visit Lake Wabby and Eli Creek. Don’t miss visiting the famous Maheno Shipwreck. Bring your swimsuit to Fraser Island featuring several swimming sites and lovely beaches. Enjoy your travels, but after you return to the mainland, consider using storage in Noosa to store larger outdoor equipment, like boats and kayaks.