It might be the painting you bought online, the beautifully carved wooden dressing table you inherited from nan or it might be the bulk load of carpet you bought on auction: all needing to be stored until that ambitious renovation is completed.

You’ve booked your Self Storage with StoreLocal Newmarket, the most secure and trusted name in Self Storage in Newmarket, Brisbane. The burning question is how do you prepare your goods to ensure safe and appropriate StoreLocal Newmarket.


There are a couple of things that should always be adhered to when storing art.

Framed pieces can be safely wrapped, first in bubble warp and then covered with hardboard and then taped together.

Unframed pieces should be wrapped with silicone release paper to cover the front and then covering the whole piece with glassine paper. Doing this will safeguard oils from attaching to other paintings. Never fold canvases – paint will crack and the damage is irreparable.

When storing your art at StoreLocal Newmarket, keep the following in mind:

  • Location, location, location – choose a secure climate controlled location. To much heat could dry out and damage items and to much moisture could lead to mould or other moisture related damage.
  • Ensure your pieces against direct heat or sunlight. Heat changes the molecular structure of the paint, and could cause amongst tother thing pealing. Sunlight, well just as UV is bad for the human skin, the sun will also fade and damage your art.
  • Balancing canvases and other framed pieces next to each other will compromise the structure of frames and canvases. Leading to sagging and other possible damage.
  • Lay all pieces flat, secured with acid free board between pieces – avoiding extreme downward pressure.
  • Stack on painting racks – leaving your precious pieces exposed to concrete either via the floor or wall, could lead to moisture absorption.


A couple of weeks before the move, remove all items from the furniture, leaving them clear and empty. This will not only ensure safe transportation of the item, but will also get a big thumbs up from health and safety – those who do the heavy lifting and moving will thank you.

Give the items a good conditioning with the appropriate wax or wood treatment. This will help to lock in moisture and combat possible cracking whilst in storage.

On the day of the transportation, before wrapping or packaging the relevant items – remove all nobs, footings and handles. It might seem like overkill – but you will kick yourself if you find upon unpacking, that your priceless heirloom has lost a handle or a footing has broken off during the move and can’t be found.

Now secure all these small bits in a zip-lock bag, clearly label it and with acid free masking tape secure it under each item.

Wood is organic and needs to breathe, so we’d advise against wrapping your wood with bubble wrap.  Thick old blanket will do the trick, if items need to be secured against other items in your unit.

Be kind to yourself and your furniture and use a furniture dolly. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Choose your transport well, and refrain from stacking other items on your wood. Scratches, water stains and bumps are very hard to remove from wood.

Once the move into the unit is completed, bare the following in mind. Find a safe spot for your wooden furniture, resting heavy items against it is not advised. Cover your item with something organic, plastic will create condensation and damage the wood.


The number one tip when transporting and or storing rugs or carpeting is never to fold –  always roll.

Start with a straight rug. Keep the rug or carpeting straight while rolling – the reason you want to be doing this is to maintain the integrity and grain of the weaving.

Transport the carpeting on top of what ever you might be storing – keeping them dry and clean at all times. Moisture is your number one enemy.

Once in your storage unit, all carpeting is best stored horizontally and elevated from ground level. Ensure your items are secured from all elements: heat, light, moisture and downward pressure.

Once last tip would be to visit your unit regularly to make sure your no nasties has hitched a ride on the items.

If you are still unsure about storing any precious property, or valuable pieces, then you should seriously consider talking to the team at StoreLocal NewmarketStoreLocal Newmarket is conveniently located in Newmarket, Brisbane.