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Australia’s numerous laws regarding the keeping of documents for a prescribed length of time, necessitates that your documents be stored for up to seven years. Contracts, audited financial statements, pension records, invoices, receipts, money orders, staff and clients’ files, researched data and similar bulk material can be stored economical and safely in a StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit, and we are perfectly located to serve businesses in the Bellfield, Northcote, Brunswick East and surrounding areas.

Businesses located in Bellfield, Northcote, Thornbury and Brunswick East are aware of the precious and expensive office space documentation can occupy. So they choose a StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit to store their documents and files. A StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit offers 7 days a week access to the Self Storage unit, and the units are safe, secure and clean; plus, trolleys are always at hand for loading.

Personal documents like share certificates, birth certificates, marriage and divorce papers, wills and the like, need special care before being stored, whether at home in a fire-proof container or at your bank or in a StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit. A good option is always to keep certified copies of really important documentation.

Paper is manufactured from wood pulp or other vegetable sources. These starches and chemicals can be acidic or alkaline. Paper will therefore react to the weather and any other chemicals that it is exposed to. Sunlight and heat will make documents brittle and colour will fade. The appearance of most papers may deepen in colour as is often visible in framed certificates, hanging in well lit interiors.

Damp is paper’s number one enemy. It will weaken the surface and papers will stick together, creating an ideal environment for mould to grow.

Insects like fish moths can ruin documents. Eggs are laid between pages and when hatched, the young feed on the starch in the paper. A StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit is vermin free, but it is advisable to pop a few moth balls into a box before storing.

Do not laminate or store valuable documents in PVC folders. The chemicals react with those in the paper. (Polypropylene is safe though) Do not use rubber bands to secure papers. Use cotton ribbon or string instead. Avoid glues or sticky tapes as well. Do not store newspaper clippings with other paper. The cheaper newspaper’s acidity will affect the better paper. Rather replace the clippings with copies.

It hardly serves any purpose to insure documents because it cannot be replaced, but rest assure, the StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage facility has stringent safety measures in place. Access at the gate is controlled and the client holds the only key to the unit unless otherwise arranged. Located on Arthurton Road, we offer easy Self Storage for Bellfield, Northcote, Thornbury and Brunswick East customers.

Sound advice: Carefully note down what is stored, how it it stored and keep a copy in the unit as well as in the office or home.

So if you are in the Bellfield, Brunswick East, Thornbury or the Northcote area, then consider a StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit to store your documents safely and securely. It is cheaper than renting more office space.