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StoreLocal Campbellfield Opening End of September.

StoreLocal Campbellfield is getting very close to finalising the construction of the brand new units for the self storage facility located at 1551 Sydney Road in Campbellfield, Vic.

Scheduled for opening at the end of September*, we are now accepting reservations online or you can call StoreLocal Campbellfield on 03 9357 4422 to get your self storage unit reserved today so that when it is ready, you can move in.

Whether it’s for home or business, large or small, one call is all it will take. Let us take care of your goods and make your move stress free.

With very convenient 24/7 access, StoreLocal Campbellfield provides friendly and professional service along with competitive quotes.

Have you started to pack yet? Don’t worry, we will have a variety of moving boxes and value packs available. We have everything you need to pack and store your goods securely.

Self Storage security is so important when you select a storage space at XXX. Your goods are under full electronic surveillance, we use the latest hi tech cameras and we also control access to storers only. Each unit is locked with your padlock. Only you have the key and facility access is always restricted.

Every space will  have an individual alarm – its every important that you always use your PIN to enter and exit as that resets the alarm on your own personal Self storage space. Each unit is designed for maximum security and we have  used high tensile steel for all of the partitions inside the upgraded StorLocal Campbellfield facility, adding on self storage spaces to our compliment of outdoor vehicle and boat and RV spaces.

If you moving, we can provide a full range of packaging supplies now – from the smallest roll of tape right up to bulk supplies of moving cartons.

Its wise to come and pick up your cartons well before you need them. Pack slow and you won’t make mistakes. Heavy items should always go in their own box. Don’t commit the contents to memory- make a label and tape it on the outside.

Be aware not to overload cartons as they can get heavy and importantly, you do not want your stuff to fall out the bottom!

Don’t forget to insure your belongings when you store them. Don’t expect that your goods are covered just because they are stored in the facility. Often than not, home insurance does not cover goods in the storage facility. Ask our staff how we can easily cover your goods whilst in storage

To place a reservation online, simply click on the link below or call 03 9357 4422 and you can get your storage unit at StoreLocal Campbellfield reserved today.