There are many reasons why people would want to store furniture for an extended period, and at StoreLocal Hallam we regularly assist people with the storage of their valuable property.

At StoreLocal Hallam we see a lot of retirees, who are moving into smaller homes, place their excess furniture in storage. Many want to pass on the furniture to their children as heirlooms, and in many cases, the children aren’t quite ready to take the items, so they are placed in safe Self Storage at StoreLocal Hallam.

Not all storers of furniture are placing family heirlooms in storage, many are new immigrants wanting to keep their furniture in storage until they are settled, others are people going on sabbaticals or long holidays, and there are also businesses storing their extra office furniture in Self Storage.

Whatever your reason might be, there are right ways of storing, and less effective ways of furniture Self Storage. Self Storage in Hallam at StoreLocal is a great way to clear the clutter at home, and keeping your old dining room table or cabinet safe from harm.

Clean & Prepare

Wipe down your furniture and prepare them with the right oils and protective coatings. Be it glass table tops or oak tables, clean, prepare and leave to dry.

Once the furniture is free of moisture, then it s ready for storage, as the moisture from cleaning can cause damage in storage.

Disassemble the furniture

Most furniture items can stay for years in Self Storage without any harm, but one move gone wrong can cause years of damage. At StoreLocal Hallam, we recommend that you remove the furniture items that can be disassembled, and transport separately.

It will lighten the load, store more efficiently, and it will protect your furniture for longer.

Cover and protect

Now you can cover with bubble wrap or cloth, keeping your items free from moisture, heat and dust.

Items with glass or ornate woodwork can easily damage if not properly covered and protected.

For wood items avoid plastic coverings, as it can cause the wood to sweat, and will cause lasting damage. Rather use a drop cloth to keep the dust away.

Following these basic steps will protect your furniture for longer, and keep them safely in Self Storage at StoreLocal Hallam.

If you have unique items you wish to store in Self Storage, then contact the team at StoreLocal Hallam, and we will freely give you the advice you need to make the most out of your Hallam Self Storage experience.