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StoreLocal Northcote Staff Feature. This month at StoreLocal Northcote we spoke to Geoff Puttock, one of the team members from our brand new Northcote Storage facility located at 150 Arthurton Road, Northcote.

StoreLocal: Where are you from?

Geoff: I was originally born in Hertfordshire in England and emigrated to Australia with my older sister and parents at the age of two.

Grew up in Melbournes North Eastern Suburbs and completed high school back in ’97’ at Parade College in Bundoora.

StoreLocal: What are your hobbies?

Geoff: After a long hiatus, I have been taking adult gymnastics lessons. I partook in gymnastics at quite an elite level up until my early teens and wanted to relearn a backflip. I still have quite a bit of work to do before I say goodbye to the ‘onepack’ admittedly (which was once a sixer)!

I also enjoy getting out on my pushbike, skateboard and even a bit of roller skating.

Also a big fan of the aerosol art movement that has been happening around Melbourne.

StoreLocal: How long have you been working for StoreLocal Northcote?

Geoff: Just started with the group! After hearing about StoreLocals philosophies and future goals through the self storage grapevine, I was very keen to get onboard with this modern forward thinking company.

StoreLocal: How long have you been in the self storage industry?

12 years now. After working in the hospitality industry for a number of years I landed my first self storage gig in the UK whilst I was on a three year working/drinking holiday in my early twenties. I was employed as the assistant manager in a store located in South London in a place called Streatham, which was just down the road from the more well known Brixton…..good times!

Arrived back to Australia in 2007 and have been involved in the industry at a management level ever since.

StoreLocal: What do you enjoy most about working for StoreLocal?

Geoff: So far it has to be the culture within the business……in a nutshell it’s the people! They make work a great place to be!

StoreLocal: What’s the weirdest thing you have seen/heard about being in a storage shed?

Geoff: Where do I start!!!!??? I have seen so many things I would have once found slightly strange if not disturbing. But over time these oddities became the norm you could say.

I did have a lady once who rented a storage unit, unbeknownst to us, so she could setup a comfortable space for her pet dog to give birth to puppies and so she could be in attendance. When the dog went into labour she drove down to the facility, with dog in tow, and was advised that the local vet was probably a better option. She must have been clearly impressed by the cleanliness of our facility to think it would be a good idea……….one can only assume!!!

StoreLocal at Northcote offers secure access to your storage units with access 7 days, has a great range of packaging supplies and as always, our storage units are clean and tidy.

We also have a great special available with the local Thrifty Rentals if you need to hire a truck.