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Moving to a different state can open you up to all sorts of feelings of uncertainty. It can make you panic about all of your storage approaches, too. Interstate relocation can be particularly panic-inducing for people who want to store crockery and glassware in the correct ways. These things can be pretty delicate, after all. If you’re frustrated and apprehensive about the concept of moving out of state, then you should find out everything possible about the self storage facility you will be using.

Storing Crockery & Glassware at Self Storage Units in Epping

Self Storage Epping is a widely known establishment that accommodates people with all sorts of aims. If you’re going to be moving to a whole new state, the facility can aid you with the process. If you’re trying to store your delicate crockery and glassware products, it can aid you with the process as well. People tend to keep crockery and glassware secure and safe inside of kitchen cabinets. This option flies out the window during the relocation process, though. If you’re going to be moving to a distant state, then you have to get your crockery and glassware from point A to point B safely.


Wrap every item individually

You don’t want to get lazy here! Seperate each plate, bowl or pan and wrap them neatly in bubble wrap or some kind of wrapping material. Make sure all your items have been thoroughly cleaned, washed and dried before you look into storing them. Place them neatly and gently in your boxes – whether plastic or cardboard, whatever works for you.

Get Sturdy Boxes

Ok so you probably already know this but we cannot stress enough the need to get strong boxes. If you opt for cardboard boxes, make sure they’re made of strong enough ply to last long. You can check our our box shop for boxes and other packaging supplies. If your purchase is over $100, you get free delivery!

Don’t Stack Boxes

When you pile heavy boxes on top of each other, you’ll end up with warped boxes that have lost any kind of structural integrity – risking all your precious items. Make sure you organise your space well enough so everything has enough space. Don’t stack and forget!

dishes and plates sitting on bench

Crockery and glassware items are in many situations susceptible to breakage. If you don’t want to return to crockery and glassware items that are no longer intact, then you should review all of your self storage facility options with great diligence and patience. Talk to other people who have relocated to different states in recent times. They may be able to give you self storage recommendations. The better you grasp self storage, the better your experience should be. Replacing crockery and glassware can be a costly thing. If you’re already dealing with a costly interstate relocation project, you don’t want to make your expenses even steeper.

Looking to get advice on storing your precious glassware & crockery? Contact the team at StoreLocal Epping to help you find affordable and customisable storage options! Give us a call or send us an email. Alternatively, you can leave an enquiry on our site page too.