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If you’re running or managing a company, then you know that everything depends on your material assets. Your business equipment helps you accomplish the mission-critical tasks that ultimately keep your enterprise afloat. It also costs a ton of money. Unfortunately, your busy work environment means that you’re in a constant battle to maintain your professional tools and gear while fighting against threats such as occupational damage, accidents and premature wear.

Renting Self Storage in Dandenong South might be the answer to keeping your workspace more organised and protecting your equipment. Self Storage safeguards the items that you aren’t currently using and keeps them in peak ready condition for when you eventually need them. Before placing your equipment into a storage unit, however, you should understand the following facts.



How to Store Industrial Equipment at Self Storage in Dandenong South

How should you store your industrial wide-format printer or 3-D fabrication device? What about your roller mill, centrifuge or metal press?

No matter what you’re placing in Self Storage in Dandenong South, you can’t just throw it into a unit carelessly. Improper storage practices can damage delicate hardware despite your best packaging and wrapping efforts.

What’s the best way to avoid having to call a repair service or spend hours recalibrating machinery when you take it out of storage? Talk to your hardware manufacturer or regular service person before storing, and always read the instruction manuals for each item. Taking the time to research recommended long-term storage procedures in advance can make it a lot easier to minimise your downtime later.




Total facility security at Self Storage in Dandenong South

Your Self Storage unit needs more than just a stout-looking door or hefty padlock. The loss of your equipment could spell the end of your company. It’s critical to use storage units that are located in secure facilities.

Access controls, such as gated entries, security guard stations and physical barriers, dramatically decrease the likelihood that someone might tamper with your company’s assets. Cameras and other monitoring tools help you hold someone liable for your losses and explain things to insurance companies. If you’re moving big, expensive items into your unit, then finding a more secure facility with heightened privacy might also keep you from attracting unwanted attention.




Catalogue assets with help from Self Storage in Dandenong

Always maintain an accurate list of the industrial equipment that’s in your Self Storage in Dandenong South. Catalogue everything, and update the record whenever you remove or add items. This simple practice lets you

  • Know where things are at all times so that you don’t have to delay projects,
  • Hold your managers and team leaders accountable for anything that goes missing,
  • File and prove insurance claims in the event of natural disasters, and
  • Get a better idea of which items you actually use so that you can trim the fat.

Are you using a Self Storage in Dandenong South to make your company more efficient? Following these basic guidelines should help you stay flexible and adapt to new business challenges.