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Musical equipment Storage in Campbellfield requires special care. Valuable items can be damaged by the elements or the moisture in the air. Protect your musical equipment from damage by learning simple and effective methods for storing these items. Humidity and exposure to the elements is a serious concern when you are storing musical instruments, and this same principle applies to sheet music as well. A little preparation can go a long way when you are storing these sensitive items, so it is important to do an adequate amount of research before packing up your equipment and supplies.


Top tips for instrument Storage in Campbellfield

• Adequate cleaning is one of the most important tasks you should complete prior to storing your equipment, instruments and supplies.

• This is critical for long-term storage, but you should also consider cleaning your equipment before storing these valuables even for a short amount of time.

• The preparation for storage includes wiping dust off of the body and resin off of the strings.

• You should also remove any parts that collapse, and relax the strings while the instrument is in storage.

• Store the instruments in their original cases, whenever possible.

• Cover strings before you close the case, and wipe the wood with a clean, smooth cloth.

• Store the instruments off of the floor, and keep them away from ventilation shafts.

• Protect any instruments that do not come with cases from dust by covering them completely. This might include pianos, digital keyboards and acoustic guitars.

We found this helpful video on how to pack your guitar for storage or travel:

Source: The Trogly’s Guitar Show


Top tips for equipment Storage in Campbellfield

Electrical equipment can be damaged over time if you are not preparing it for long-term storage. Plan in advance to protect your valuable equipment from the damage that comes with the elements, and this includes the accumulation of dust. The best solution for protecting your equipment from damage is putting it into Self Storage in Campbellfield. For the best results, use the following precautions when storing musical equipment, amplifiers, instruments, sheet music and digital copies.

• The most important thing to remember about storing electrical equipment is that dust can get into the circuits and cause irreparable damage.

• Keep all of your equipment covered, and store it on a pallet or other container that is off of the floor.

• Get insurance for items that are worth more than $2,000. This is required at some storage facilities, but you should also have it even if it is not required.

• Check the humidity controls for both instruments and electrical equipment. Moisture in the air can cause damage to instruments because wood and metal will expand and contract according to the level of humidity in the air.

Observe these storage suggestions for your musical instruments and equipment, and you will save money. Organising your materials in advance will help you to keep track of your belongings. Label containers with a marker that is clear and easy to read. This will help you to locate your valuables whenever you need them, and it can help you to avoid losing track of your musical materials. Make a written inventory as you are packing; this will help you to avoid losing track of your valuables.