Do you ever shake your head in disbelief at the sight of how many toys your kids own? Can you no longer see the carpet for the miniature cars? Did you just experience the most excruciating pain ever by stepping on a Lego? We think it might be time for you to consider storage options for your children’s belongings. And no, we don’t mean tossing it all in a dumpster!

Sift & Sort

The first thing to do is to sort through all the toys. This can be quite a task, so commandeer your children to help with this, if age allows. Ask them to collect all the toys and belongings that are theirs alone, and then to deposit them in the correct child’s room. You can put some kind of reward system in place to incentivise them!

Place five empty cardboard boxes in each child’s room, and label them “favourites”, “friends”, “throw away”, “giving is good” and “store”. Explain to your child what the meaning of each box is, and what “charity” means.

Ask your children to sort through their toys, each in their own room, picking their favourites that are must-keeps, items they’d like to gift to friends, anything broken, old and damaged that should be thrown away, items that can go to charity, and things that they want to keep but don’t need in their rooms right now.

Once this is done, you can go over the results, double checking their choices. Then, make sure that you get rid of the relevant boxes as quickly as possible: send or deliver gifts to friends, throw away what’s damaged, take the charity boxes to a suitable depot and place the “store” items in a convenient StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit. StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage is the perfect storage solution for people living in the northern suburbs around Preston and Thornbury; we are on your way to the city, and back home again.

Finding Space

Chances are that you’ll still be left with quite a number of toys that need storing in your child’s room. There are various storage options available, but first you need to determine if you have space for these options. For example: can the space under the bed be used for storage? Is there wall space for bookshelves or racks? Can a solution be hung from the ceiling, or a closet be subdivided? Can some of the toys be used in a decorative way in the room, and serve as functional art?

Here are some options:

  • Books can be kept in nifty bookshelves or racks that are mounted on the wall. Don’t pick tiny versions – full-size versions store more, and your kid will grow into it. In the meantime, a sturdy stepladder can help them reach the items they need. Remember to keep books away from sun and any dampness. These shelves can also be used to store puzzles, board games and other items. Look for adjustable shelving that will suit your needs.
  • Soft toys can be kept in cloth bags hanging from hooks mounted on the wall. Or, if you’re feeling creative: dolly up a hanging shoe container in such a way that each pocket can house a different soft toy – they can “sleep” there at night, and be within easy reach the next morning. This solution can also be used to store dolls or action figures.
  • Use plastic containers to store any crayons, paints or art supplies in. Keep them out of the sun to avoid melting and colourful ruination. Plastic containers are also perfect for storing Lego, toy cars and Barbie and all her accessories.
  • In general, when choosing furniture for your kid’s room, try to choose options with inbuilt storage, or items that double up, such as a chair with a lid and a space that can be used to store things in.
  • Place frequently used toys on low shelves and within easy reach or your child.
  • If your child owns any electronic toys or items that need cables for charging or have plugins, keep all of these items in one container, every cable clearly labeled, in a space that only an adult can access. Dole them out as and when needed, and make sure they’re returned to you after playtime is done!

For items such as seasonal sports gear and other odds and ends that don’t fit in your child’s room and isn’t needed right now, consider a small StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage unit. It will keep the toys safe and out of the way, while making it easy to access them when needed.

StoreLocal Northcote Self Storage offers a range of Self Storage solutions, and we look after the Self Storage needs of Melbourne’s northern suburbs, including Preston, Thornbury, Fitzroy North and of course, Northcote.