What To Look For In Storage Facilities – StoreLocal Epping

Maybe you’re looking to de-clutter your home or looking to sell some items you don’t have space for, there are so many needs for self storage! But what kind of self storage facility would work for you? And what should you be looking for when choosing the right space? Here’s some tips on choosing the perfect self storage space to store your items.

  • Size

A self-storage facility should offer a range of unit sizes to accommodate all the things you will be putting into storage. Similar to units typically found at StoreLocal Epping, you can choose from a wardrobe size storage unit to a five-bedroom size storage unit. For instance, you may have elected to begin with the smallest storage unit available. As time progresses, you realise that you may have additional things that you wish to put into storage. A facility that has many storage unit sizes available will be convenient in the long run. This will alleviate a lot of stress as you will not have to worry about finding a new facility to store your other things at. You simply move your things into a larger unit at the same facility.


  • Access

Are you heading out early for a camping trip? Perhaps you and the family are going on holiday and need a few things that you stored in your storage unit. Having access to your belongings anytime is the next thing you should consider when choosing a self-storage facility. Perhaps you’re at home preparing for the early trip the next day, and realise that the kayaks are in storage and you need them for the trip. You need to be able to access your items 7 days/week, in case you need them for a spontaneous trip or moved into a new home. Our facility at Epping offers 7 days access and 24 hours access on request!

  • Security

Security is obviously another thing to consider when choosing a storage facility. You would want to choose a storage facility that also has security 24/7. A storage facility should also have security cameras throughout their facility. It is clear that security cameras protect your storage unit, which in turn, protects your valuable belongings inside of them. Ideally, you should also consider a storage facility that uses a secure pin code to access the facility. These pin pads are normally located just outside the facility gates. A user can drive up, type in the pin code then enter, without having to leave the vehicle. This is both, convenient and secure.

  • Cost

Size availability, convenient access, and security are the basic things to consider in a self-storage facility. We move on to talk about cost. Specifically, contracts and price matching. Storage units come in different sizes. Because of this, pricing will also vary. What you should look for is a facility that does not lock you in a contract. For instance, you have decided on moving your things into a larger storage unit. You remember in your contract that when upgrading certain fees are applicable if you choose to move before the maturity date of the contract. You want to avoid these kinds of situations where a contract can leave you with additional cost. Consider a storage facility that does not have a lock-in contract for their storage units.

In addition, consider a storage facility that price matches with their competitors. This will ensure you get the best pricing available in your area. Ask yourself this. Why drive 5 to 10 km to a storage facility when you can drive less than 1 km to a storage facility that offers the same price? Save yourself time and gas money by choosing the closest storage facility to you.


  • Additional Amenities and Benefits

On top of the four things we have previously mentioned, look for a storage facility that offers additional amenities and benefits. For example, choose a storage facility that has a box shop onsite. This can be very useful for times when you don’t have time to run to the local store to just buy packing items like boxes and tape.

In addition to convenience, choose a storage facility that offers a free move-in truck as part of their services. This service is rare to find as you normally would have to provide your own. This added benefit will truly set the storage facility apart from its competitors. Also, consider a storage unit that allows you to pay online. This added benefit can also save you time.

If you’re looking for storage units at Epping or require a customised storage option, feel free to call/email or leave an enquiry at our site page!