How to Categorise your Items in Storage – StoreLocal Thomastown

Categorising your items within your storage space is always important. It can, however be time consuming to figure out the best way to categorise your items and store them in a way that will help you remember where everything is. To help you in the process of sorting, categorising and storing your items, our team at StoreLocal Thomastown have come up with little tips and suggestions to help you with this process!

  • Choose the right boxes

One of the first things that you need to do is find the right kind of boxes to be able to then categorise your items. Choosing the right kind of boxes enables you to store your items in a better manner and gives you the added advantage of being able to plan better. Try purchasing boxes of similar sizes so you can organise your space in a neat and effective way, also so you don’t end up with a Jenga or Tetris situation. For boxes and packaging supplies, take a look at our handy box shop here – you get free delivery if your purchase is over $100!

  • Sort the lot

Before you even get started on categorising your items, it is important for you to sort through your entire inventory. This can give you a better understanding of all that you need and can help you understand how to properly categorise your inventory. Sort through items based on the kind of utility that you have and the parts of your home that you plan to use it in. You can also sort your inventory based on how frequently you plan to use a particular item.

  • Identify what you may often need

Once you have sorted out your lot, it is important to note down all the things that you will potentially need in the near future. More often than not, individuals need a few of the items that they need from storage, while the rest may never even see use. In these instances, doing something like keeping the recent utility items in front can help you significantly and can make your life incredibly easy.

  • Plan your layout

When doing any kind of inventory, it is always important to plan your layout beforehand so that you can properly know where each box needs to go. Planning is incredibly crucial for categorisation and is something that can help you achieve better levels of organisation. This can also help you understand how in-depth your categorisation can go. At StoreLocal Thomastown, our storage spaces are spacious, clean and fully secure, so you can plan way beforehand. We also offer receipt & dispatch to help with moving your items in our storage facilities.

  • Categorise based on room

One of the best and easiest ways to properly categorise your inventory is to sort it out by the room. This is especially useful if you are planning to move and want to have everything in an orderly condition. If you are keeping your items in some form of storage like a room or a garage, this can make it easier to find just the thing that you are on the lookout for. For example, keep everything that could come in handy for your kitchen in one place and everything that you would need for your bedroom in another place.

  • Categorise based on utility

Dividing your categories based on utility is always one of the best things that one can do when trying to take care of their inventory to get it in order. Categorising based on utility allows you to properly understand where things are and can make finding them easier. For example, keep all your gardening supplies together in one box, crafting tools in another and clothes in a third to ensure that they are all well segregated.

  • Use labels

The biggest piece of advice that home organisers will always tell you is how important it is to find labels that are clear and highly descriptive. The label should be able to tell you exactly where what is, and what is inside the box that you are planning to open. The labels can make the entire inventory organisation all the more efficient, making it the best thing that you can do to properly organise your storage.

Hope these tips helped, if you need a customised storage option or would like to find the most available storage option for you, send us an email/call us or you can even leave an enquiry on the StoreLocal Thomastown site page!