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One of the housing trends on the rise at the moment are tiny houses. Singles, couples, and even families are moving into tiny houses with an incredibly small square footage. These homes are less expensive to purchase, and are often less expensive to run due to lower utility costs. One of the obvious downsides to tiny houses is the lack of storage space available. If you’re thinking about moving into a tiny home, you can use Self Storage in Narre Warren from StoreLocal Narre Warren.

Move furniture

While there might be some items of furniture you’re able to move into your tiny home, there will definitely be some items you can’t bring with you. You don’t need to throw these items away or sell them. Instead, move these pieces of furniture into Self Storage in Narre Warren. This will mean you can swap different items in and out of your tiny home when you get sick of your current furniture.

Keep only what you need

One of the keys to moving into a tiny home is that you can only keep the items you need. Items that don’t serve an important purpose in your life should be thrown away, donated, sold, or moved into Self Storage in Narre Warren. Take the time to go through all the items in your home as you start packing everything up. There will also be plenty of items you need but don’t need to keep inside your tiny home. For example, your holiday decorations or your snow sport equipment. These items can also be kept inside Self Storage in Narre Warren.

Store what you can sell

As you’re decluttering your home, there will be items in good enough condition to sell; however, you might not be able to sell these items straight away. Instead of losing the opportunity or filling your tiny home with unnecessary clutter, you can move these items into your storage unit. When you’re in the position to sell them, they’ll still be in great condition.

If you’re about to move your family into a tiny home, make sure you enlist the help of the storage professionals from StoreLocal Narre Warren.