Aaahhhh, school holidays, that wonderful time where the youngsters drive you up the wall in your attempt to keep them entertained. It might drive you crazy now, but it won’t belong before they are all grown up, and hanging out with their friends, never to be seen again. While we know Northcote Self Storage better than everyone else, but we also know the pleasures and pains that can be around holiday time.

This story is not about what to do to keep the kids entertained, but rather what to do with all their toys when they’ve outgrown them…

It’s the struggle of the modern parent. It seems to take only weeks for Barbies and Hot Wheels to line your shelves and fill your cupboards, taking the place of things you just threw out to create some space in the first place. These are things that your kids don’t use at the present time, but that you don’t want to throw away for sentimental reasons or because your kids may want to use them further down the track. There seems to be no escape from the building mounds of toys enveloping every storage space in your house. Will you ever find a way out? or will it just pile up until the toys engulf you and everything you own?

The solution is simple: StoreLocal’s Northcote Self Storage facility, a facility with storage units to match your toy collection…

For just a few dollars a week, you can hire a storage unit. Think of it as a large extra cupboard, where you can store all those toys you can’t bring yourself to throw away. Our facility can be accessed from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, so it really is just like renting your own private packing space. Northcote Self Storage units at StoreLocal range in size from locker size to entire rooms, so there’s a solution out there for you, no matter how many toys you have.

If you’re worried about the potential security threat of your belongings being stored out-of-home, you can sleep easy knowing that – at StoreLocal Northcote – you’re the only one with a key. There’s very low to zero risk of a third-party accessing your unit. So, your precious sentimental belongings are safely stored for a younger sibling, or the next generation.

To wrap up, Self Storage really is a worthwhile option to research when looking to de-clutter your home. Its flexibility in size and price, as well as the steadfast security of our Northcote Self Storage facility, means that if you store your belongings in a StoreLocal Self Storage unit. You will have the peace of mind of a decluttered house, and toys that are safely stored away.