Moving House Checklist – StoreLocal Epping

Moving House Checklist – StoreLocal Epping

At StoreLocal Epping, we want to help make moving hassle free! Along with offering 7 days access and receipt & dispatch, we also offer affordable and customisable storage options for every personal or business need.  When you’re moving from one house to another, you can follow a checklist so that everything is packed and organised for the move. Our box shop has everything you need to get you started with the moving process. Moreover, we also offer free delivery when your purchase is over $100!


  • The Necessities
If there is anything that you don’t have room for in your new house or that you want to get rid of at a later time, then keep it at our storage units at StoreLocal Epping. Items that you can store include furniture that you don’t need, boxes of clothes that you won’t wear for a few months, or holiday decorations that you only use at certain times of the year. When you pack your belongings, think about the necessities, such as clothes and toiletries, that everyone will need for the first week or two while you get the bedrooms and the other areas of your home organised.


  • Packing Small Pieces
When you disconnect electronics or disassemble pieces of furniture, put the screws and other small items in a Ziploc bag. The bags should be stored in a separate box that is labelled or kept with you in the vehicle. Label the bags according to what they are used with to make assembly easier when you’re ready to put everything back together.


  • Getting Rid of Clutter
While you’re packing clothes, household decorations, and other belongings that you know you will use in your new home, take the time to throw away, get rid of, or sell the items that you know you won’t use. Take the things that you plan to sell to your local storage units until you are ready to put a price on them or until someone is interested in buying them from you – this will help you reduce clutter and give you a clean and tidy space to start your moving process. Make a list of the things that you have in storage as well as a list of ways to handle these items, such as selling or donating.


  • Transfer Services
About a week before you move, transfer your utility services to your new home. This will allow you to determine if the services are provided at your new home or if you need additional equipment in order to use the services. If you don’t need some of your electronics or the items that go with them, then keep them in a StoreLocal self storage unit until you can use them. While transferring utilities, you should also change your address so that your mail will begin going to your new home.
If you have questions about moving your items to a self storage unit or need a customisable storage option, don’t hesitate to call/email or leave an enquiry on our site page!