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You love suburban life in Queensland, but it’s almost time to pack up and head for your dream overseas holiday. You’ve double-checked the weather conditions for your destination and have your gear ready to go. You know that international travel is more complicated than domestic trips, and a list of important travel preparation activities is just what you need. Doing these five things before your trip will give you peace of mind and make your holiday more enjoyable. Check out some of our inspiration for places to go to help you get planning:

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Check your travel documents and make copies

You’ll need a passport to travel internationally. Some countries want to see that your passport will be valid for at least six months while you travel in their territory. If yours is about to expire, apply for a renewal as soon as possible. Unless Australia has a special agreement with the country of your chosen travel destination, you’ll also need a visa to enter the nation. A visa is an official document or stamp that gives you permission to enter a country and travel there under limited conditions. Depending on your destination country, it could take days or weeks to get your travel visa. After you have the needed travel documents, make copies. Hard copies of passports and other travel documents are great to take with you if you run into trouble on your overseas holiday. Electronic copies, which your loved ones at home can access, will give you some extra insurance if problems arise.


Reserve secure storage for your car and valuables

Your overseas holiday will take you out of the country for a month. While your neighbors, family and friends love to help you out for short trips, they can’t guard your car and valuables 24 hours a day. Renting a Hallam Storage unit allows you to park your car behind a gated storage facility that is often monitored with surveillance equipment and on-site management. A small Hallam Storage space is the ideal place to stow valuables and personal items for safekeeping. Using a Hallam Storage gives you the confidence to do a house swap or to rent your home during your overseas holiday.


Make sure of medical insurance coverage

Before taking a trip overseas, many people opt for medical check-ups just to get reassurance from their doctors that they are fit for international adventures. They often forget to ask about health insurance coverage for overseas medical emergencies. If your regular insurance policy doesn’t cover you while on holiday, consider purchasing a travel policy that will cover you.


Register with the Australian embassy

These are uncertain times, so be ready to cut your vacation short in cases of wars, civil unrest, and natural disasters. The Australian embassy keeps up with the latest events that are happening around the world. By registering your travel with the embassy, you’ll get alerted if a dangerous situation arises in your travel destination city.


Mind money matters

In the 21st century, consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to payment options. You can pay for goods and services via cash, credit card, PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay. There are still some places that only accept cash, however. For those places, you’ll need to exchange some of your Australian dollars for the currency of your destination country. Airport currency exchange stores are known to charge high fees for currency conversion, so exchanging your money at your bank may be a more economical option.