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What Not to Store in Self-Storage

Self Storage Hendon is a great option for both long-term and short-term storage. You can store household belongings in storage to free up space in your home or to move from one residence to another in stages instead of doing it all at once. No matter why you choose to store your belongings, you shouldn’t place certain items into Self Storage Hendon.

Don’t Place Plants or Other Living Things in Self-storage

While it may seem like a good idea to put plants in self storage until you’re ready to take them home, you should know that doing so sentences the plants to death. In order to survive, plants need food, water, and light. They simply won’t get these elements while they’re in Self Storage Hendon. On that same note, you shouldn’t put anything in storage that’s living. Self storage units aren’t meant to host living beings.

Three succulents in pots

Avoid Putting Food in Storage

One of the most commonly overlooked rules of self storage is not to store food of any kind. This includes human and pet food. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t put food in a Self Storage Hendon unit. One reason is that food attracts insects and rodents not only to your unit but also to others. Another reason is that food stored in a self-storage unit doesn’t last long. The food will start to smell and rot quickly because of the high heat. Even dried goods tend to go bad fast. Do yourself and the self-storage company a favour by keeping your food at home where it belongs.

platter of healthy foods

Don’t Put Cash Into Self-storage

Cash is something that’s best stored in a lockbox at your house or in a bank where you can keep a watchful eye on it. Why do some people put cash into storage? Mostly because they have the ability to lock their self-storage units. Also, they feel safe not storing their money at home where it could get stolen by a burglar. However, it’s important to keep in mind that self-storage insurance policies don’t typically cover cash.

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Stolen Items Should Never Be Put Into Storage

Common sense should tell people that stolen items are things that they shouldn’t store. Not only should you not steal things, but you shouldn’t put them in self-storage either. In fact, if the facility manager believes that someone is housing stolen goods, they have the right and responsibility to report it to the authorities. A general rule of thumb is to never put anything into self-storage that you don’t personally own.