At StoreLocal we love to share tips and advice about all things Self Storage, and it is no different when it comes to whiteware items. The Narre Warren Self Storage team at StoreLocal are always available to guide our customers when it comes to storing and moving their property.

Moving your whiteware is certainly a daunting task. It’s impossible to imagine packing hundreds of the most fragile (and expensive) things you have into boxes and shifting them – sometimes across states or even countries. Luckily for you, there are removalists whose sole purpose is to make your moving job both easier and more affordable.


Locating the right boxes is the first major hurdle to overcome when moving your white ware. Your Narre Warren Self Storage facility will sell a versatile and extensive range of boxes for a very affordable price, meaning you won’t have to worry about locating and buying padded boxes to shift your whiteware safely.

Packing Equipment

Similar to boxes, your StoreLocal’s Narre Warren Self Storage facility will also sell packing equipment like tape and bubble wrap in order to make your move just that little bit more comfortable and affordable. When moving white ware, protection is key. This means a lot of bubble wrap and ‘fragile’ stickers. Come on down to the facility and enquire about the services we offer, or visit our website.

The act of packing

When packing, it is important to always ensure your fragile valuables are protected with bubble wrap and other packing equipment – this is to ensure your whiteware items make it to their destination in one piece.


When it comes time to move, depending on the distance, it’s important to use a vehicle that will give your possessions the smoothest ride possible. This is to further ensure the safety of your white ware.

Fridges, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers are best moved upright, and remember to clean them properly, and dry them out thoroughly before storing.


With the storing of whiteware, it is important that they are free from left-over food or food residue. Clean them thoroughly, inside and out, and make sure all water is drained from the system, as this could create mould over time. Store fridges and refrigerators upright and with doors slightly ajar.

If you need more information about the storage of your whiteware, then speak to the Narre Warren Self Storage specialists at StoreLocal Narre Warren.