There are so many benefits to having a clean and decluttered home, but not every house has the necessary storage space. That’s where Self Storage in Ashgrove comes in handy. If you need more convincing, here are some other ways you could benefit from Self Storage in Ashgrove from StoreLocal Newmarket.

Reclaim the garage

Most people stick the things they don’t know where else to put in the garage, but this should only ever be a short-term solution, otherwise your garage will quickly become full. You can easily move all the belongings you don’t need on a regular basis into Self Storage in Ashgrove, which will free up enough space in your garage for you to actually put your car in it.

Expand living areas

Inside your home, your spare room can suffer the same fate as your garage. While you may have hoped to make the spare room into a home gym, a play area or a personal office, it’s not likely to happen while the room is filled with junk. Move the unnecessary items into Self Storage in Ashgrove so you can finally turn the spare bedroom into what you had originally envisioned.

Protect valuable belongings

If you’re having to store anything outside in your shed, like machinery or expensive heirlooms, they can become damaged by the elements. By storing these items in Self Storage in Ashgrove, you’ll be protecting them from changes in temperature and weather conditions.

The same applies to any of your seasonal sports equipment. Most sports seasons don’t run all year round, so there are large portions of time when you’re not using your equipment. Move your expensive, off-season sports gear into Self Storage in Ashgrove to keep it safe when you don’t need it.

Make renovations easier

Getting everything out of the way while you’re renovating can make the whole process a lot easier. Instead of spreading your furniture out in your hallways or other rooms, move it into Self Storage in Ashgrove so you don’t have to climb over and squeeze between things in your home.

Store possessions during a move in Self Storage in Ashgrove

If you’re moving house, you might have a bit of ‘in between’ time in which you don’t have access to your permanent living space. Instead of stressing over where to store your belongings during this period, you can simply move them into Self Storage in Ashgrove until you’re ready to settle into your new place. You can even move some of your furniture into Self Storage in Ashgrove while you’re selling your house to create a more minimal design to impress your prospective buyers.


Putting your belongings in a Self Storage unit means they’ll be safe and secure until you need them again. Contact the staff at StoreLocal Newmarket to find out more about their Self Storage options.