Winter Activities To Enjoy At The Beach

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Beaches are wonderful places. Many people think of beaches as largely a summer destination. As those who love the shore know well, beaches hold many pleasures no matter the season. Even in winter, people can still enjoy the crash of the waves and search for seashells. Get your favourite beach items out of Self Storage Tweed Heads and head out to the sand. Bring that picnic gear and the items you use to catch pictures of birds in flight from your Self Storage Tweed Heads and have fun with your family and friends right now.

Have a Picnic

A picnic is a great thing any time of the year. Take your favourite foods. Items like fried chicken, potato salad and a freshly made chocolate cake are just right all year long. Even in winter, the sand is inviting and peaceful. Better yet, winter means the sands are far less crowded. You have lots of room to spread out and enjoy yourself. A blanket makes an ideal place for everyone to sit as you watch the waves roll in and out. Ask everyone to bring something to the picnic with them so everyone has a dish they like.

seascape of australia at sunrise (tweed heads,qld,australia)

Play Games

The wide open spaces of the beach make a perfect place to play any game you have in mind. Bring out your volleyball and net from Self Storage Tweed Heads and get together on the beach for a game that makes the perfect break from a long day. A series of games on the beach is easy and fun for the whole family. You can toss a ball in the water and have your dog retrieve it for hours. People can play football, basketball or just make up games as you go along. It’s a fun outing for everyone.

friends playing beach volleyball at sunset

Searching For Seashells

Seashells are everywhere you look. You’ll see them in the summer and the winter. Now is the time to look for all sorts of marvellous shells. Many creatures are seasonal. Chances are you’ll find different seashells in the winter than you’d find the rest of the year. This is a great chance to increase your collection of seashells. Look for shells in tidal pools. You’ll also see them buried in the sand, along a jetty and in many other expected and unexpected places. This is a great opportunity to learn even more about local sea life in any beach.

Seashells on the beach with running water

Watching Birds

Birds of all species choose to make the shore their home. You can admire old friends as they soar above you. Winter is a time to learn about what new bird species might make their home here when on their way from another part of the world. A pair of binoculars helps you get a closer look at the bird’s details from their wings to shape of a beak and the shimmer of a grouping of back tail feathers. Winter at the beach can be a paradise for those who love to watch birds in their native habitat.

Spoonbill bird sitting in nest New South Wales