How To Get Your Wardrobe Winter Ready

With Winter not too far away, many of us might be getting prepared for the colder months. While it may seem too early to start getting your wardrobe Winter-ready, the process may take significantly longer than you’d think. This is primarily because there can be quite a few different things to think about and take care of. However, many of us might not realize how we can get completely ready for Winter, save for buying a few warmer clothes in the lead up to these months.

Store your Summer clothes
If you don’t have enough space to store your Summer clothing in your wardrobe, then using a storage company such as Dandenong Storage can be a significant benefit. This is primarily because a storage space can be a great way to help open up some space in your wardrobe for your Winter clothing. The likes of Dandenong Storage can offer a variety of different storage packages and leases to suit your needs. The majority of these can also be very affordable. That doesn’t mean that you only need to store your Summer clothes. If you go for a more long-term plan for storage, then you’ll be able to swap out your Summer and Winter clothes whenever you want. This can also make the likes of Dandenong Storage more affordable per month than renting from month-to-month or just for the Summer.

De-lint your wool clothes
Wool is probably the most common thing that our Winter clothes are made of. However, when we’ve put them away for a while, regardless of whether this is in your own home or with the likes of Dandenong Storage. One of the most notable of these is a build up of lint, which can be quite a problem for many of us. Luckily, though, this is something that can be relatively easy to fix. All you’ll need is a clothes brush to help get rid of the lint. While this may be a time-consuming process depending on how many wool clothes you have, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do so. As a result, you should be able to get it done in less than an afternoon, should you put the time aside to do so.

Patch your sweaters
While this may be something that’s slightly more difficult to do than de-linting your clothes, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. This is primarily because there are a variety of different kits available to use. Many of these can be used by people no matter what your skill level is. Because of that, you shouldn’t have to get rid of your favourite Winter sweater. Instead, you’ll be able to patch it up in next to no time. The majority of these kits also come with detailed and easy to follow instructions. As such, this will make the process significantly easier than you might think.

Give everything a wash
While storing your Winter clothes for a few months isn’t going to put them in the way of much dirt, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be completely clean when you take them out. This is chiefly because they may be affected by a significant amount of dust build-up during the Summer months. What may also affect this is the temperature in the Summer. Moisture and a few other things may also have an effect on this. Because of this, you might want to give your Winter clothes a wash before you start wearing them again. Though many of us will realize that our sweaters and other large items will need to be cleaned, we may forget about our accessories. Cleaning these can be just as important as the rest of your clothes. This can include the likes of scarves, gloves, hats and much more.

Use deodorant on your sweaters
Though washing your Winter clothes and accessories will get rid of the dust and dirt from your clothes, there might still be somewhat of a smell from them. Letting them air out may significantly reduce this, but one of the more effective ways of getting rid of the smell is to deodorize them. On top of getting rid of the smell, you could end up saving a considerable amount of time and effort. This is primarily because dry-cleaning can be expensive, especially considering that many dry-cleaners charge by the weight of your clothes. Furthermore, Winter clothes may need a specialized wash, which can further add to the price of the cleaning. Using deodorant on them and then letting them air out can be a much more affordable way to do so while still being effective.