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If the universe were fair, all theatre types would own their own Priscilla-style bus: fabulous, flamboyant and filled to the brim with props, costumes and creativity, ready to travel wherever they wanted to go. Unfortunately, this is probably not practical. But theatre groups, be they amateur or professional, do need good storage space for the tools and trappings of their trade.

If you live in the Bellfield area, and needs storage space from someone who supports the arts and creativity – then speak to us at StoreLocal in Northcote, we offer a variety of safe, secure Self Storage options to suit the needs of any theatre group.

Here’s how you can use it.


Props are an important part of any play or performance, usually rich with contextual symbolism. They can range from something as simple as a Waiting for Godot-style hat to the extravagant, lush décor (candy worms, snow yaks) of the recent Mark Ryden-designed Whipped Cream ballet production. Props can take a long time to create, and can be odd sizes and shapes. One does not simply discard them after each production, either – too much time and money goes into creating it! A Self Storage unit can be the perfect place to store props when they’re not in use. The unit can be customised with racks and shelving as needed, and the props can be sorted by play.


A Self Storage unit can be a great wardrobe and makeshift dressing room. Install shelves and rails, and create one of the weirder “boutiques” out there… A climate-controlled unit might be a good idea for storing valuable costumes – the clothes and materials will be protected from temperature variations and unwanted bugs.

A corner of the unit can be set up as a makeshift dressing room, for quick clothes changes and trying on the garments needed.


What you see on the theatre stage on opening night is only part of the production: behind the scenes things like lighting equipment, amps, cameras and a variety of gear is needed. When not in use, a Self Storage unit offers a safe, secure place to store all the tech and gear: especially for mobile theatre groups that do not necessarily perform on set stages, but sometimes do makeshift ones of their own.


Need a space to paint backdrops or make props? A suitable Self Storage facility could be perfect. Whilst you cannot store paints and glue, you can store the finished product.


Part of an amateur theatre group, and sick and tired of rehearsing in someone’s living room? Rent a StoreLocal Self Storage unit in Northcote, for the time you need to rehearse! It will provide the space that you need, will always be available to you, and makes scheduling a rehearsal session that suits everybody much easier. You can arrange special times and access with the facility as needed. For theatre folks living in Bellfield, Thornbury and Preston, a StoreLocal Self Storage unit in Northcote can be the solution to all your theatrical storage needs.

Talk to our team here at StoreLocal Self Storage in Northcote to find out how Self Storage can work for your theatre group – we would love to help.

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