Create Your Own Yoga Studio – StoreLocal Campbellfield

Practicing yoga can have a wealth of benefits for your body and mind. While you can practice yoga almost everywhere, it’s often easier to get in the zone if you have a dedicated yoga area. For some people, this might mean their bedroom; for others, it might be by the pool in their backyard. If your home is cluttered, however, it can be difficult to find the space to create a dedicated yoga area. Instead, use Self Storage in Gympie from StoreLocal Campbellfield to create your own private yoga studio.

Do you want to bring in mirrors?

Every practicing yogi feels different about mirrors. Some like being able to see whether they’re in correct alignment. Others prefer to focus more on the feeling of being in alignment rather than seeing it. If you like to use mirrors in your yoga practice, bring in some tall, freestanding mirrors to place along the walls of your Self Storage in Gympie.

Bring in rubber floor tiles

The floor of your storage unit will be concrete, and while you won’t be able to make permanent changes to the floor, you can bring in some more comfortable options. Flooring particularly useful for creating a yoga studio is rubber floor tiles.

Rubber floor tiles have two benefits:

  1. You’ll have a comfortable floor to practice on; and
  2. You won’t need to bring in a yoga mat.

Don’t forget other supplies

If you’re more serious about your yoga practice, a mat probably isn’t the only tool you need. Bring in some baskets to store all the other items you use, like sweat towels, blocks, stretching tools, and your water bottle. You can also bring in some battery operated candles to create some ambient lighting.

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