4 Easy Steps Towards an Organised Garage

organised garage

Somehow, our garage seems to be the place where we dump everything. But, hello, there are storage units for that! If you’re ready to give your car the garage it deserves and clear out the clutter from your actual home, follow these easy tips:

Step 1: Group the similar items together. For example: Sports equipment, kids toys, tool box, camping gear. 

Step 2: Now you’ve got your items categorised, designate zones in your garage to put them in. Tailor the storage solutions in each zone to match the items being stored. 

Step 3: Create a space with a workbench or shelving. A multi-level shelving unit that’s roughly 70 centimetres deep will provide tons of space for garage items of all kinds. Also, make sure you utilise all available space – try using racks high up on the wall for rarely used items to maximise storage.The image below is a great example! 

Step 4: Visit your nearest StoreLocal facility, and our friendly team will assist in finding the perfect space for the rest of your unused items, or even that precious set of wheels! You can also use our free space calculator online: 

Congrats! You’ve organised your garage and feel good. Now, why not clean your home while you’re at it? For more storage tips and tricks, follow the link.