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Why store with storelocal?

StoreLocal is an Australian owned and operated company. Since opening our doors in 2015, we have set the highest standards in self storage and have delivered storage solutions for our customers nationwide whether building, renting, moving house, transferring interstate or overseas, or starting and running a small business.

Our sites are conveniently located and boast clean, easily accessible cool dry units. Our facilities have security lighting, security fencing, security patrols, video surveillance, electronic gates and security alarm.
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Storage can be stressful, so we’ve worked hard to make it as simple as shopping online.
Storage Sorted!

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Size Guidance

Whether you prefer a 100% online size recommendation or speaking with our team, let us help you with the ideal size to store your stuff.

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Book Online

Self  Storage can be simple and easy. We’re sold out to making everything as simple and easy as possible. All our payments, bookings and move in process is online.

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Move in – instant access

Find your ideal unit, click book now and fill in a single page of details. We’ll send you an email with agreement, access codes and digital codes to access your unit. So easy!

“StoreLocal is like no other storage facility we have used.
The facility itself is second to none with meeting spaces, all app driven technologies, generous sizing, state of the art, extremely clean and safe. The staff are always extremely helpful and friendly. It’s a great place to be.”
Sophie Didcott
We make
Storage simple

Whether you need boxes, a removalist recommendation or advice for getting the most out of your new storage space – we’re here to help. Request a storage quote using our handy enquiry form, reserve a storage unit online, or give us a call and rest assured your belongings are in safe hands.

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Making finding the right size easy

Simply click the menu bar on our online booking form and follow the prompts to calculate your perfect size fit. Remember our calculator assumes you will stack items for better use of space.

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24 hour customer support

Yep, we’re serious. 24h support means you get the support whenever you need it. Whether you’re an existing customer or a newbie, our team are here to sort your storage. Talk to our team today.

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Virtual in home & office appraisal

Simply fill out your contact details, and let us know in the form you submit that you would like a virtual appraisal. We’ll link up with you and sort your perfect size storage.

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Our team are here for you 24/7. Either fill in your details below, or give our team a call on the number above. Just give us a minute to connect you.

    storage is way more than just extra space
    What is self storage?

    Self Storage is the most convenient and secure way to cater for your specific personal or business storage needs. Self Storage customers can be an individual, a family, a commercial organisation, a community group, a sporting association or a business.

    Access Times are convenient at StoreLocal

    Access is at your convenience and you can come and go as often as you choose (depending on the hours of access of the individual centre). With over 30 convenient locations nationwide for your business and personal Self Storage and packaging needs, we’ve got you covered!

    Online Bookings

    When you are ready for Self Storage, you can use our easy to use online move in and reservation system. Pick your space, add your details, and you’re ready to go, 24/7.

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    Variety of Sizes Available

    We have a large variety of storage spaces. Small spaces suit wardrobe storage, hobbyist storage, document storage and more. Medium spaces suit two bedroom homes, units, garden shed storage and small home storage. Larger spaces suit small cars, 3 bedroom units, houses and camper trailers. Our largest spaces suit boats, big homes and large items.

    Packaging items to make your job easy

    We can supply packing boxes to meet any storage need. With a range of Removal boxes, such as Porta Robes, T-chests, Book boxes for heavier items such as Crockery and Cutlery, Flat packs, 500 cube, 300 cube and much more. Try our online box Shop for your convenience.

    How do I know my goods are secure?

    Once you’ve selected your ideal storage unit, you will need to fit a quality padlock to secure the space. You will be the only person with a key, meaning only you can access to your storage space, and so ensuring that your possessions are kept safely at all times. Locks can be bought at the StoreLocal office. At StoreLocal OUR SECURITY is Your Security!

    Helpful personal packing tips
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    Clean Thoroughly

    Before packing, ensure all appliances are clean and dry to avoid any residue or odours.

    Disconnect and Label

    Unplug appliances and secure cords. Label them for easy reassembly.

    Original Packaging

    Whenever possible, use the appliance’s original packaging for a snug and secure fit.

    move-in icon
    Disassemble when Possible

    If your furniture can be taken apart, do so to save space and protect delicate parts.

    Protect with Padding

    Wrap furniture in protective materials, like moving blankets or bubble wrap, to prevent scratches and damage.

    Label Components

    Keep track of screws, bolts, and small parts by placing them in labeled bags or containers.

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    Dishes and glassware
    Use Quality Packing Material

    Invest in sturdy, double-layered boxes and dividers to protect fragile items.

    Individual Wrapping

    Wrap each dish or glass separately in packing paper or bubble wrap.

    Pack Vertically

    Place dishes and glassware on their edges, not flat, to minimize pressure and reduce the risk of breakage during transit.

    Launch Rapidstor
    A man and woman opening a box in the kitchen.
    A man and woman opening a box in the kitchen.
    A man and woman opening a box in the kitchen.
    Frequently asked questions

    Your go-to resource for answers to common inquiries about our storage services. If your question isn’t covered here, no worries! Just contact us directly, and we’ll gladly provide all the information you need.

    Please visit Our Stores to find your nearest StoreLocal location.

    There are a variety of units that we have to offer. Call us during our business hours for further information.

    If you desire to have your items insured whilst in storage, we encourage you to seek out insurance options with your provider of choice.

    Some stores will have restricted hours, however most of our stores have 24 hour access, 7 days a week. Please check with your StoreLocal store with respect to access hours. There is no additional cost to access your unit within the hours set by the store.

    If it’s not the right size when you arrive at your StoreLocal store, we’ll find you a suitable solution that meets your needs.

    Please check at your StoreLocal store, but in many cases we do offer a complimentary truck or trailer service for customers moving in. We also have partnerships with local removalists and hire companies.

    You control who has access your Self Storage unit and you keep the key.

    We have a variety of moving boxes and packaging solutions that can be easily ordered online or feel free to visit one of our stores to see our extensive range.