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Need self storage in Seventeen Mile Rocks? For residents and businesses in Seventeen Mile Rocks seeking reliable self-storage options, StoreLocal’s nearby Jindalee facility offers a convenient and secure solution for all your storage needs.

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43 Oldfield Rd Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073
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43 Oldfield Rd Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073

Seventeen Mile Rocks Self Storage

Self Storage in Seventeen Mile Rocks

If you’re in need of self storage for an upcoming move or to support your expanding business venture, StoreLocal offers convenient storage solutions near Seventeen Mile Rocks and the surrounding areas. Our location at 43 Oldfield Rd in Jindalee is conveniently situated, just a short 6-minute drive from Seventeen Mile Rocks.

StoreLocal understands the varied demands for storage, whether personal or commercial, and offers a wide array of storage spaces to suit diverse requirements. From compact walk-in closets to spacious full garage units, our facilities can easily accommodate anything from a few miscellaneous boxes to the belongings of a 5-bedroom house and more.

Understanding Your Storage Needs: A Key Step in Selecting Self Storage

Before you begin your self storage journey, it’s essential to evaluate your storage needs. Reach out to our nearby facility and have a constructive conversation with our knowledgeable staff over the phone. They will guide you in determining the ideal storage unit size based on your specific requirements. For any oversized or cumbersome items you plan to store, remember to inquire about potential height or width limitations at the storage unit entrance.

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Affordable Storage Units and Pricing in Seventeen Mile Rocks

Discover our StoreLocal facility in Seventeen Mile Rocks, offering a variety of storage unit sizes at competitive prices.

Compact and Cost-Effective: Our extra small units, measuring 1.5×1.5m, are perfect for storing a small number of household items, about 3-4 boxes, or a small furniture piece. Prices for our extra small units start at $99.00 per month.

Flexible and Functional: Choose from our range of small to medium units, ranging from 4.5m2 to 12m2, suitable for storing the contents of a ¼ to ½ of a garage or equivalent to the belongings of a 2-5 bedroom house. Prices for our small to medium units start at $140 per month.

Spacious and Versatile: Our large storage units, typically 18m2 in size, offer the convenience of storing the contents of a 5-bedroom home or serve as a solution for commercial customers needing to store excess inventory, trade machinery, or other business-related items. Prices for our large units start at $450 per month.

All our facility locations offer flexible storage contracts, giving you the option to store for as short or as long as you need, on a month to month basis.

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I run a local charity called The Good Box out of StoreLocal Hendra. StoreLocal Hendra values the community just like us, and I love that I can make a big difference in our community using their facilities!
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