Need self storage in Lonsdale? StoreLocal offers convenient self-storage solutions for residents and businesses in the area. In our facility, we cater to the storage needs of Lonsdale and surrounding communities.

For residents and businesses in Lonsdale seeking reliable self-storage options, StoreLocal’s facility offers a convenient and secure solution for all your storage needs.

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34-36 Cottage Ln, Hackham SA 5163
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34-36 Cottage Ln, Hackham SA 5163

Lonsdale Self Storage

Self Storage in Lonsdale

Whether you need self storage for an upcoming move or expanding business venture, StoreLocal has convenient storage solutions near Hackham and surrounds. Conveniently located on Cottage Ln in Hackham, we are a short 9 minutes drive from Lonsdale.

With spaces available for personal storage or large spaces for commercial storage, StoreLocal has a self storage solution for you. Our units range from small walk-in wardrobes to large full garage spaces, fitting anything from a few unwanted boxes to the contents of a 5 bedroom house and beyond.

Determine your storage needs

The first thing to consider when looking for self storage is how much space you will need for all the items you need to store. By contacting your nearest facility, you can discuss your specific storage needs over a phone call with our helpful team and they can guide you to the most suitable storage unit size you’ll need. Depending on what you are needing to store, be sure to ask if there are any height or width limits to the entrance of the storage units if you plan on storing any large or bulky items. 

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Prices and Types of Self Storage in Lonsdale

Here at StoreLocal we have a variety of different sized storage units, and prices will vary depending on the unit size you need.

Small Units 

Our smallest option is our 1.5×3m. These are ideal for a small amount of household items, and are most suitable for people who only have 3-4 boxes, or a small furniture item that needs storing. Our small units start at $121.00 per month.

Medium Units 

For our medium sized units, we have sizes ranging from 2.5x3m, up to 2.5x4m. These units are best suited for the contents of a ¼ to ½ a garage, or equivalent to storing the items of a 2-5 bedroom house. Our medium units start at $182 per month at our facility near Lonsdale.

Large Units

Our large storage units, have sizes ranging from 3x5m, up to 3x8m, and is equivalent to the space of a full sized garage, fitting the contents of a 5 bedroom home. These larger sized units are also suitable for commercial customers, seeking to store excess inventory, trade machinery or other business-related contents. Our large units start at $357 per month.

“StoreLocal is like no other storage facility we have used.
The facility itself is second to none with meeting spaces, all app driven technologies, generous sizing, state of the art, extremely clean and safe. The staff are always extremely helpful and friendly. It’s a great place to be.”
Sophie Didcott
We’re here to sort your storage.
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