Checklist For Moving Homes In Campbellfield

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Checklist For Moving Homes In Campbellfield

Moving out for the first time? Or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve moved homes? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer, StoreLocal Campbellfield has everything you need to make this move a breeze with our Ultimate Moving House Checklist! We’ve gathered all the useful information you need to make moving homes an easy task, giving you more time to check out the local shops at Campbellfield Plaza

First thing’s first, you’re moving and you have stuff that needs to be safely packed to withstand the move. Look no further for your packaging supplies than your local storage people at StoreLocal Campbellfield. Not only do we offer a large variety of box sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing paper all available in store and online. If you order over $100 worth of moving boxes and packing materials, we’ll provide free delivery for up to 10km of the store. Access everything you need at Campbellfield’s box shop.



Preparing For Your Move

Moving can be a big challenge. From packing up all your valuables to finding the best removalists, it can be a bit overwhelming. The trick to any successful move is don’t leave anything to the last minute. You want to get the ball rolling at least five weeks before your planned move-out date to make sure the experience is as stress-free as possible. That simply could mean you’ve done some research on moving supplies, Googled the phrase ‘moving home’ or sent out a few initial quote requests to your local removalist companies. Check out these handy articles from ranging from energy needs to how to avoid a moving house nightmare.

A good starting point when it comes to moving out and packing your belongings is to declutter as much as possible. Have you used that item in the last 12 months? Are there things still in boxes from your previous move? Do you really need them? If you do want to hold onto things and don’t have the room in your new home, give StoreLocal Campbellfield a call and we can find you the perfect self storage solution.


Checklist For Moving Homes In Campbellfield

Alright, we’ve taken that first step, decluttered and it’s official… We are moving out! Now is the time to map out the move-out and move-in process in more detail. From the removalist company to changing your address with your local gym, here’s everything you need to make sure your move is a stress-free experience.

  1. Find a removalist — Get a few quotes from removalist companies early on in the process so you have enough time to compare pricing.
  2. Are you moving into a smaller home? Now is the time to start looking into self storage solutions! At StoreLocal Campbellfield, we can find the perfect storage solution for you with convenient access times and an incredibly easy to use online booking system. You can also give us a call and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you with all of your storage needs.
  3. Organise your packaging supplies and moving supplies — Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, box knives, storage bags, and more! Check out the Box Shop for all of your moving needs.
  4. Notify all the relevant authorities of your change of address — A lot of address changes can be done online nowadays, which makes things a whole lot easier. Some authorities to consider:
    • Insurance providers
    • Post office
    • Electoral office
    • Transport department 
    • Schools
  5. Change your address with organisations you’re a part of — Don’t wait until the last minute to do this. Moving can be an incredibly busy time, this is one headache that’s easily avoidable. Some people and organisations to consider notifying: 
    • Banks
    • Doctors
    • Dentist
    • Vet
    • Gyms and clubs
  6. Connect your new services — You’ve got your move date and your new address, now you need to ensure your new home is ready to live in. Organise to have your existing services disconnected and transferred to the new address so you can surf the web or watch your favourite online streaming service comfortably your first night in your new place. Don’t forget about gas and electricity either! Click here for some more tips on moving in.

Moving to Victoria for the first time? Relocating is a huge step with a lot of changes. Check out this fantastic checklist for migrating or emigrating to your new home in Victoria here. Within this information you will find links to migration officers to help you find the best schools, neighbourhoods and services you might need.

Moving doesn’t have to be the biggest hassle in your life! With packaging and moving materials available at the StoreLocal Campbellfield box shop, self storage solutions tailored for your situation and planning ahead of time, moving can be part of an exciting new chapter in your life. Give your local storage people a call and we can help you get the ball rolling on your next move.