Self Storage at StoreLocal Hendra

StoreLocal Self Storage Hendra Building

Adapting to circumstances is a savvy business decision, regardless of your sector. However, leveraging new standards to anticipate clients’ needs and wants sets industry standards. That is StoreLocal Hendra. The new site provides customers with more than just a wide range of unit sizes and storage options, but with a new industry benchmark. Located just down the road from Brisbane Airport, the facility contains multi-use spaces for co-working and trade stores. In addition to its innovative features, Hendra also offers 24-hour access to its four levels of keyless secure self storage.

The Road Here

Not that long ago, forgetting the wallet home while running errands meant utter frustration, stress, and a bit of embarrassment. Thankfully, we’ve evolved to a stage where we can tap our phones, and the rest is history. Over the past two years, digital transformation was a high-speed bullet train across all industries, and the decision was either to get on or get left behind. The storage sector has been no exception.


“We mean business when we say hassle-free”, stated Mark Greig, StoreLocal’s Chief Operating Officer.  “We simplified our customer journey to a one-page experience. Our clients can review units, book, and pay online without changing pages,” he explained.

At StoreLocal, booking a storage unit does not require multiple tabs and windows. Nor does it require countless trips to stationery stores for cardboard boxes, tape or bubble wrap. Whether you are moving house, expanding your small business or storing collectables, our online box shop has everything you might need to protect your belongings.

Automation & Security

In times of digital transformation, it seemed illogical to continue using security measures such as padlocks and keys, even keypad entries. StoreLocal Hendra opted for the Nokē Volt, hard-wired Bluetooth electronic locks that allow tenants entry to a facility and storage units using a smartphone.

“We’re travelling lighter and lighter each day — so why not continue to simplify? Our Bluetooth system was put in place to do just that, easy access in a swipe,” described Mark. The units have electronic locks that integrate with StoreLocal’s online booking system.

The heavy investment in hi-tech features allows for not only more efficient but more secure storage units. At StoreLocal Hendra, the technology offers controlled access to the drive-up entry, ground floor units, lift and each individual unit.

Furthermore, advanced CCTV cameras in key locations have been placed across the facility, with clear views of the drive-through and loading areas. Site managers and the support centre can even monitor the site remotely if required and assist with any enquiries by phone.

Looks — The Big Blue Box

StoreLocal Hendra also reinvented the traditional storage facility look. Forget ill-lit and dusty hallways, and welcome to modern design and multipurpose units. Hendra is all about high-end exterior and eco-friendly interior features.

The building’s lighting is controlled via motion sensors to save on energy consumption. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, it makes it for happy customers. Lights are activated once you have reached your floor and unit. This means no more reshuffling belongings in the dark while you have your hands full.

New Features

According to Hans Pearson, StoreLocal CEO, storage is now becoming accepted as an integral component of local communities. “Our locals are in need of storage solutions, from personal to business storage spaces. “This is why we have designed and delivered a new generation of products to meet the growing sophistication of consumers”, he explained.

Customer segmentation is at the core of the newly launched facility, which incorporates new concepts to conventional purpose storage units.

“We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and attending to their needs. Whether it’s traditional (commercial or lifestyle storage) or customised spaces, as we’ve seen with the escalation in demand from three key customer segments: traditional, business and lifestyle. At StoraLocal Hendra, we have integrated two new service elements: WorkLocal, a co-working space for business customers; and The WorkSpace, larger work stores for business and lifestyle customers”, detailed Mark.

Customer Feedback

However, the most important feature of StoreLocal Hendra is the clients’ opinions. On that note, the COO confirms that Hendra has been approved with flying colours. “Customer feedback tells us that this new generation of personal storage is the right fit for all segments. Tenants are pleased with the new features and love the added service offering of the co-working space”, he said.

Storelocal Hendra is the flagship facility of the StoreLocal group, and we couldn’t be prouder! Welcome to the future of self storage!